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Name Code Type
IC10001 Chemistry IC10001 Module
IC10002 Further Mathematics IC10002 Module
IC10003 Engineering Project IC10003 Module
IC10005 Mechanics IC10005 Module
IC10006 Electricity, Electronics and Fields IC10006 Module
IC10007 Properties of Matter and Waves IC10007 Module
IC10008 Pure Mathematics IC10008 Module
IC10010 - Studio Practice IC10010 Module
IC10011 Digital Media IC10011 Module
IC10012 Film, Media and Popular Culture IC10012 Module
IC10013 Cultural Context IC10013 Module
IC10014 Introduction to Psychology IC10014 Module
IC10015 International Business Management IC10015 Module
IC10016 - Introduction to International Relations IC10016 Module
IC10017 Law, Ethics and the Constitution IC10017 Module
IC10018 Anatomy and Physiology IC10018 Module
IC10019 Chemistry 2 IC10019 Module
IC10020 Further Studies in Biology IC10020 Module
IC10021 Cell Biology IC10021 Module
IC10022 - Introduction To Management Accounting IC10022 Module
IC10023 Introduction to Financial Accounting IC10023 Module
IC10024 Microeconomics IC10024 Module
IC10025 Macroeconomics IC10025 Module
IC10026 - Financial Management IC10026 Module
IC10030 English for Academic Purposes IC10030 Module
IC10031 Data Analysis IC10031 Module
IC10032 Government and Society IC10032 Module
IC10033 Mathematics and Digital Literacy for Science and Engineering IC10033 Module
IC10034 General Mathematics and Digital Literacy IC10034 Module
IC10036 Nursing and Healthcare IC10036 Module
IC10037 Anatomy and Physiology IC10037 Module
IC10038 Communication in Healthcare IC10038 Module
IC10039 Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms IC10039 Module
IC10040 Introduction to Software Development IC10040 Module
IC40001 - Business Research Methods IC40001 Module
IC50001 English for Master's Perparation 1 IC50001 Module
IC50002 English for Master's Perparation 2 IC50002 Module
IC50003 Studying Postgraduate Business in the UK IC50003 Module
IC50004 Legal and Ethical Frameworks in Business IC50004 Module
IC50005 Quantitative Methods for Business IC50005 Module
IC50006 Finance, Investment and Banking IC50006 Module
IC50007 Management in Context IC50007 Module
IC50008 Business Environment IC50008 Module
IC50009 Business English IC50009 Module

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