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Name Code Type
APCP Students - All Levels DJ_D023 Module
APCP Students - All Levels DJ_D022 Module
CG50004 - Comics Production CG50004 Module
CG50011 - Major Project CG50011 Module
DJ11001 - Foundation Studies 1 DJ11001 Module
DJ11002 - Foundation Studies 2 DJ11002 Module
DJ11003 - Foundation Studies 3 DJ11003 Module
DJ11004 - Design Studies - Visual Expression 1a DJ11004 Module
DJ11005 - Understanding Product Design and Innovation DJ11005 Module
DJ11006 - Introduction to Interactive Media DJ11006 Module
DJ11007 - Picture Symbol Icon DJ11007 Module
DJ11008 - Ways of Making DJ11008 Module
DJ11009 - Ways of Seeing DJ11009 Module
DJ12001 - Foundation Studies 4 DJ12001 Module
DJ12002 - Foundation Studies 5 DJ12002 Module
DJ12003 - Design & Craft Foundation Studies 4: Space Surface Artefact DJ12003 Module
DJ12004 - Design & Craft Foundation Studies 5: Cultural & Contextual Studies DJ12004 Module
DJ12005 - Design Studies - Visual Expression 1b DJ12005 Module
DJ12006 - Introduction to Graphic and Web Design DJ12006 Module
DJ12007 - Integrated Product Design: Fundamentals Of Product Design DJ12007 Module
DJ12008 - Design Methods For Insight Gathering DJ12008 Module
DJ12009 - Introduction to Social Digital DJ12009 Module
DJ21004 - Contemporary Practice 1 DJ21004 Module
DJ21005 - Introduction to Critical & Contextual Studies DJ21005 Module
DJ21006 - Material Matters DJ21006 Module
DJ21007 - Change by Design DJ21007 Module
DJ21008 - Co-Design in Action DJ21008 Module
DJ21009 - Idea Generation and Communication DJ21009 Module
DJ21010 - Communication Design Context 1 DJ21010 Module
DJ21011 - Industrial Design DJ21011 Module
DJ21012 - Screen Based Interactive Media 2 DJ21012 Module
DJ21013 - Designing Social Networks DJ21013 Module
DJ21014 - Technology for Designers DJ21014 Module
DJ21015 – Interiors & Interactions DJ21015 Module
DJ22003 - Contemporary Practice 2 DJ22003 Module
DJ22004 - Art & Media Cultures DJ22004 Module
DJ22005 - Border Crossings DJ22005 Module
DJ22006 - The 21st Century Designer DJ22006 Module
DJ22007 - Playful Practices DJ22007 Module
DJ22008 - Structure and Narrative DJ22008 Module
DJ22009 - Communication Design Context 2 DJ22009 Module
DJ22010 - Interaction Design (Products) DJ22010 Module
DJ22011 - Interaction Design (Media Products) DJ22011 Module
DJ22013 - Protoyping Digital Futures DJ22013 Module
DJ22014 - Form and the Role of the Prototype DJ22014 Module
DJ22015 – Design for Social Environments DJ22015 Module
DJ31001 - Art, Science and Visual Thinking DJ31001 Module
DJ31002 - Beyond the Studio DJ31002 Module
DJ31003 - Materiality & Meaning DJ31003 Module
DJ31004 - The Contemporary Portrait DJ31004 Module
DJ31005 - Print and Printability DJ31005 Module
DJ31006 - Re-Mixing Cultures DJ31006 Module
DJ31007 - Site, Art and Ecology DJ31007 Module
DJ31008 - Taking Time: Exploring Ephemeral Practices DJ31008 Module
DJ31009 - The Undiscovered Landscape DJ31009 Module
DJ31010 - Visions: Viewpoints, Interpretation and the Sublime as a Model of Investigation DJ31010 Module
DJ31011 - Independent Creative & Professional Practice 1 DJ31011 Module
DJ31012 - Partnerships Networks And Connections Part 1 DJ31012 Module
DJ31013 - Communication Design Practices DJ31013 Module
DJ31014 - Design Values, Issues & Ethics DJ31014 Module
DJ31015 - Principles of Visual Effects DJ31015 Module
DJ31016 - Web-Design For Creative Practitioners DJ31016 Module
DJ31017 - Comic Art & Graphic Novels DJ31017 Module
DJ31018 - Interventions & Co-Design DJ31018 Module
DJ31019 - Critical Making: Materials & Fabrication DJ31019 Module
DJ31020 - The Culture and Practice of Advertising and Branding DJ31020 Module
DJ31021 - Design for a Living Planet DJ31021 Module
DJ31032 - Integrated Design Project: Design Research DJ31032 Module
DJ31035 - Interaction Design: Physical Digital Products DJ31035 Module
DJ31036 - The Interactive Book DJ31036 Module
DJ31037 - Textile Futures DJ31037 Module
DJ31039 - Thinking Photography DJ31039 Module
DJ31040 - Squirrel, Badger, Hog, Fable DJ31040 Module
DJ31041 - Myth, Mystery And Meaning DJ31041 Module
DJ31042 - Cultural Appreciation (Art and Design) DJ31042 Module
DJ31043 - Communication in Moving Image DJ31043 Module
DJ31044 - Scientific illustration and visualisation DJ31044 Module
DJ32001 - Critical Studies: Introduction to Dissertation DJ32001 Module
DJ32002 - Independent Creative & Professional Practice 2 DJ32002 Module
DJ32003 - Partnerships Networks And Connections Part 2 DJ32003 Module
DJ32004 - Research & Creative Practice Part 1 DJ32004 Module
DJ32005 - Design Enterprise 1 DJ32005 Module
DJ32006 - Made in China Part 1: Production and Consumption in the People's Republic DJ32006 Module
DJ32007 - Applied Communication Design DJ32007 Module
DJ32008 - Interaction Design (Products) DJ32008 Module
DJ32012 - Design Products DJ32012 Module
DJ32013 - Social Mobile Apps DJ32013 Module
DJ32014 - Digital Fabrication DJ32014 Module
DJ32015 - Communication Futures - Part 1 DJ32015 Module
DJ32016 - Design For Narrative Environments DJ32016 Module
DJ33014 - Design values, issues and ethics DJ33014 Module
DJ40002 - Critical Studies: Dissertation DJ40002 Module
DJ40003 - Honours Creative Practice DJ40003 Module
DJ40004 - Design in Action DJ40004 Module
DJ40005 - Communication Design: Personal Projects And Professional Standards DJ40005 Module
DJ40008 - 3 + 1 + 1 Personal Programme Of Study DJ40008 Module
DJ40009 - Personal Honours Project DJ40009 Module
DJ40010 - Specialist Skills Collaboration And Professional Practice In The Animation Pipeline DJ40010 Module
DJ41001 - Research & Creative Practice Part 2 DJ41001 Module
DJ41002 - Design Enterprise Part 2 DJ41002 Module
DJ41003 - Made in China 2: Research Project DJ41003 Module
DJ41004 - Business Innovation for Designers DJ41004 Module
DJ41005 - Communication Futures - Part 2 DJ41005 Module
DJ51001 - Design Research DJ51001 Module
DJ51002 - Experience Research 1 DJ51002 Module
DJ51003 - Digital Media Practice DJ51003 Module
DJ51016 - Life Art DJ51016 Module
DJ51017 - Enhancing Practice DJ51017 Module
DJ51018 - Practice Context DJ51018 Module
DJ51019 - Research Skills and Methods DJ51019 Module
DJ51028 - Context & Review DJ51028 Module
DJ51029 - Exploring Practice DJ51029 Module
DJ51032 - Accelerator DJ51032 Module
DJ51033 - Art, Society and Publics 1 DJ51033 Module
DJ51034 - Artistic Research & Writing DJ51034 Module
DJ51035 - Studio Art for Interdisciplinary Practice DJ51035 Module
DJ51036 - Changing Populations DJ51036 Module
DJ51037 - Creative Technologies DJ51037 Module
DJ51038 - Leadership and Culture DJ51038 Module
DJ52001 - Experience Research 2 DJ52001 Module
DJ52008 - Placement Module DJ52008 Module
DJ52012 - MFA Writing and Reflection DJ52012 Module
DJ52016 - Advanced Practice DJ52016 Module
DJ52026 - Advanced Production DJ52026 Module
DJ52027 - Going Live DJ52027 Module
DJ52028 - Reflection on Practice DJ52028 Module
DJ52029 - Masters Placement DJ52029 Module
DJ52030 - Going Public DJ52030 Module
DJ52031 - Studio Practice: Independent Project DJ52031 Module
DJ52033 - Theatre Design DJ52033 Module
DJ52034 - Art, Society and Publics 2 DJ52034 Module
DJ52036 - Leadership and Design Thinking DJ52036 Module
DJ52037 - Artistic Research & Writing 2 DJ52037 Module
DJ52038 - Medical Art 1 - Image Capture and Creation DJ52038 Module
DJ52039 - Medical Art 2 - Communication and Education DJ52039 Module
DJ52040 - Business Enterprise & Entrepreneurship DJ52040 Module
DJ53001 - Design Ethnography Hothouse DJ53001 Module
DJ53002 - A&V - Realisation DJ53002 Module
DJ53004 - Realisation for Creative Practice DJ53004 Module
DJ53006 - MSc Dissertation DJ53006 Module
DJ53010 - Interdisciplinary Research Project DJ53010 Module
DJ53011 - Art, Society and Publics 3 DJ53011 Module
DJ53012 - Collaborative Project DJ53012 Module
HT21007 - Between Thinking And Making HT21007 Module
HT30006 - Contemporary Practice And Precedent: Architecture And Urbanism (Humanities 3.0) HT30006 Module
HT40002 - Humanities 4 HT40002 Module
MSc Animation & Visualisation DJ_D021 Module
Service Prototyping DJ53016 Module
VM30008 - Professional Practice VM30008 Module
VM30009 - Life Drawing VM30009 Module
VM30010 - Game Design VM30010 Module
VM30011 - Visual Media Theory VM30011 Module
VM30012 - Historical & Theoretical Analysis (Game Development) VM30012 Module
VM30013 - Visual Media Design & Technology VM30013 Module
VM30014 - Game Production VM30014 Module
VM40001 - Visual Media Production VM40001 Module
VM40002 - Applied Visual Media Theory VM40002 Module

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