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Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) BDS Module
DS10001 - Pre- And Para-Clinical Dentistry 1 DS10001 Module
DS11001 - Comparative Oral Facial Anatomy DS11001 Module
DS12001 - Dental Technology DS12001 Module
DS20006 - Pre- And Para-Clinical Dentistry 2 DS20006 Module
DS21001 - Clinical Dentistry 1: Foundation For Dental Practice DS21001 Module
DS30001 - Clinical Dentistry Part 1 DS30001 Module
DS31001 - Clinical dentistry 3 DS31001 Module
DS32001 Clinical Dentistry - 4 DS32001 Module
DS40002 - Clinical Dentistry Part 2 DS40002 Module
DS50002 - Clinical Dentistry Part 3 DS50002 Module
DS50009 - MDSc Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics - Integrated including supportive care DS50009 Module
DS50010 Advanced Endodontic practice DS50010 Module
DS50011 - Dissertation - Mdsc In Endodontics DS50011 Module
DS50021 - MDSc Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics - Applied dental materials DS50021 Module
DS50022 MDSc Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics - Clinical Governance DS50022 Module
DS50023 - MDSc Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics - The preparatory phase DS50023 Module
DS51001- Preparing for specialist Practice DS51001 Module
DS51002 - MDSc Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics - Complete prostheses DS51002 Module
DS51003 - Management of Dental Caries and vital pulp DS51003 Module
DS51004 - Endodontic interfaces DS51004 Module
DS51005 - MDSc Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics - Indirect and fixed prostheses DS51005 Module
DS51006 - Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics DS51006 Module
DS51007 - Research Methods And Dissertation DS51007 Module
DS51008 Dental Public Health DS51008 Module
DS51012 Foundations of Endodontics DS51012 Module
DS51013 Nonsurgical Endodontic retreatment DS51013 Module
DS52001 - MDSc Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics - Partial prostheses DS52001 Module
DS52002 Applied Dental Materials DS52002 Module
DS52004 - Comprehensive Prosthodontic Cases DS52004 Module
DS52005 - Craniofacial Growth and Development of the Aetiology of Malocclusion DS52005 Module
DS52006 - Tooth Movement And Biomechanics DS52006 Module
DS52007 - Orthodontics Materials And Health & Safety DS52007 Module
DS52008 - Adult And Multidisciplinary Treatment DS52008 Module
DS52009 - Health Promotion DS52009 Module
DS52010 Oral Epidemiology DS52010 Module
DS52011 - Preparation For The Dissertation DS52011 Module
DS52015 Endodontic Treatment DS52015 Module
DS52016 Periradicular Surgery DS52016 Module
DS52017 - Clinical Restorative Dental Care 1: The Preparatory And Supportive Phase DS52017 Module
DS52018 - Understanding Evidence And Reflection As Integral To Learning And Clinical Capability DS52018 Module
DS52019 - Leadership And Management When Delivering Restorative Dental Care DS52019 Module
DS52020 - Clinical Restorative Dental Care 2: The Reconstructive Phase DS52020 Module
DS52021 - Communication When Delivering Restorative Dental Care DS52021 Module
DS52022 - Professionalism When Delivering Restorative Dental Care DS52022 Module
DS52023 - Oral-Facial Aesthetics And Cosmesis DS52023 Module
DS52024 - Evidence-Based Dentistry For Restorative Dental Care DS52024 Module
DS53001 - Orthodontic Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning DS53001 Module
DS53002 - Dissertation - Masters In Dental Public Health DS53002 Module
DS_D023 - Managing and Treating Patients DS_D023 Module
DS_D026 - MDSc in Prosthodontics DS_D026 Module
DS_D027 - MFOdont in Forensic Odontology DS_D027 Module
DS_D028 - MRes in Oral Cancer DS_D028 Module
DS_D030 - MSc in Oral Biology DS_D030 Module
DS_D039 - MDPH in Dental Public Health DS_D039 Module
DS_D041 - MDSc in Prosthodontics (2016-17) DS_D041 Module
DS_D046 - MDSc Endodontics (2016-17) DS_D046 Module
DS_D048 - MDPH in Dental Public Health DS_D048 Module
DS_D049 - MFOdont in Forensic Odontology DS_D049 Module
DS_D051 - MSc in Forensic Dentistry DS_D051 Module
DS_D052 - MSc in Oral Biology DS_D052 Module
DS_D053 - MDSc Endodontics DS_D053 Module
FM50005 - Forensic Medicine FM50005 Module
FM50007 - Forensic Science FM50007 Module
FM50010 - Forensic Odontology FM50010 Module
FM50011 - Forensic Odontology Research Project FM50011 Module
FM50012 - Bite Mark Analysis FM50012 Module
MRes in Oral Cancer DS_D050 Module
OH10001 - Oral Health Sciences Year 1 OH10001 Module
OH20001 - Oral Health Sciences Year 2 OH20001 Module
OH30001 - Oral Health Sciences Year 3 OH30001 Module

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