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BA10040 - My Professional Development BA10040 Module
BA10043 - Professional Project BA10043 Module
BA10044 - Recognition of Prior Learning BA10044 Module
BA20050 Children's Health and Wellbeing BA20050 Module
BA20059 - Diversity and Inclusion BA20059 Module
BA20065 - Professional Project BA20065 Module
BA20066 - Reflective Action Planning BA20066 Module
BA30057 - Pedagogical Perspectives BA30057 Module
BA30071 - Diversity and Inclusion BA30071 Module
BA30075 - Leading Inquiry BA30075 Module
BA30080 - Professional Project BA30080 Module
BA30083 - Action Research BA30083 Module
CO10006 - Self, Community Learning and Development and Society CO10006 Module
CO10008 - Making Sense Of Community Learning And Development CO10008 Module
CO10009 - Working with People CO10009 Module
CO12001 - Effective Practice CO12001 Module
CO12002 - Engaging with Community Learning Development Diverse Practice CO12002 Module
CO20013 - Community Learning And Development - Practice Learning CO20013 Module
CO20014 - Critical Practice in Community Learning and Development CO20014 Module
CO20015 - Inquiry-based Community Education Practice CO20015 Module
CO20016 - Developing Sustainable Organisations In Community Learning And Development CO20016 Module
CO20017 - Social Justice Policy and Praxis CO20017 Module
CO31001 - Reading And Understanding Research In Cld CO31001 Module
CO31002 - Analysis and Critique in Community Learning and Development CO31002 Module
CO31003 & & SW30012 - Working Together To Achieve Social Justice CO31003 Module
CO32001 - Community Learning And Development - Practice Learning CO32001 Module
CO40006 - Internship/Practice Based Dissertation CO40006 Module
CO40007 - Analysis And Critique In Community Learning And Development CO40007 Module
CO41002 - Community Education - Practice 4 - Internship CO41002 Module
CO42001 - Reflecting on Professional Learning CO42001 Module
CO50012 - Critical Pedagogies CO50012 Module
CO50013 - Evidence Based Community Learning and Development Practice (1) CO50013 Module
CO50014 - Evidence Based Community Learning and Development Practice (2) CO50014 Module
CO50015 - Engaging Families in Learning CO50015 Module
CO50016 - Literacies and Power CO50016 Module
ED11010 - Beginning Professional Study (Year 1) ED11010 Module
ED11011 - Educational Studies: Introduction To Educational Studies (Year 1) ED11011 Module
ED11012 - Modern Greek Language (And Associated Pedagogy) (Year 1) ED11012 Module
ED12013 - Pedagogical Studies 1 (Year 1) ED12013 Module
ED12014 - Teaching Across The Curriculum (Year 1) ED12014 Module
ED12015 - Professional Practice (Year 1) ED12015 Module
ED21004 - Educational Studies: Historical And Comparative Perspectives On Education (Year 2) ED21004 Module
ED21005 - Languages (Year 2) ED21005 Module
ED21006 - Discovering Mathematics (Year 2) ED21006 Module
ED21007 - Science and the Environment ED21007 Module
ED21008 - PE elective ED21008 Module
ED21009 Elective Module: Religious And Moral Education ED21009 Module
ED21010 - Social Studies ED21010 Module
ED21015 - Modern Greek Literature And Culture (Year 2) ED21015 Module
ED21023 - MA2 elective on the International Baccalaureate ED21023 Module
ED22024 - Interagency Working (Year 2) ED22024 Module
ED22025 - Mathematics And Science (Year 2) ED22025 Module
ED22026 - Learning From Life (Year 2) ED22026 Module
ED22027 - Learning From Life (Year 2) ED22027 Module
ED22028 - International Baccalaureate Practicum ED22028 Module
ED22029 - Theory and Practice of Teaching and Learning ED22029 Module
ED22031 - Pedagogical Studies 2 ED22031 Module
ED30039 - Creative Learning Elective ED30039 Module
ED30041 - Child-Centred Education Elective ED30041 Module
ED30042 - Promoting Inclusive Educational Practice In The Primary Classroom Elective ED30042 Module
ED30043 - Research And The Teacher: Year 3 ED30043 Module
ED31001 - Educational Studies ED31001 Module
ED31002 - Developing Effectiveness in Learning and Teaching ED31002 Module
ED31003 - Elective Module: Language: Children's Texts (Year 3) ED31003 Module
ED31004 - Elective Module: Mathematics (Year 3) ED31004 Module
ED31005 - Social Studies ED31005 Module
ED31006 - Expressive Arts ED31006 Module
ED31007 - Elective Module: Technologies (Year 3) ED31007 Module
ED31009 - Elective Module: Religious And Moral Education (Year 3) ED31009 Module
ED31010 - Modern Languages ED31010 Module
ED31011 - Health and Wellbeing ED31011 Module
ED31012 - Elective Module: Science (Year 3) ED31012 Module
ED31013 Teaching Across the Curriculum 2 ED31013 Module
ED31014 Learning and Teaching for Equity and Wellbeing ED31014 Module
ED31038 - Learning And Teaching In The Early Years 2 ED31038 Module
ED31044 - 3 School Experience 4 - The Early Years Placement ED31044 Module
ED32001 - Pedagogical Studies ED32001 Module
ED32002 - Professional Practice ED32002 Module
ED32003 - Childhood in Global Contemporary Society ED32003 Module
ED32013 - Research and the Teacher ED32013 Module
ED32037 - Successful Learning - Meeting The Needs Of Individuals ED32037 Module
ED32045 - 3 School Experience 5 - Multi-Stage Placement ED32045 Module
ED40068 - PGCE(S) Professional Practice Placement 2 ED40068 Module
ED41001 - Research and the Teacher (The Thesis) ED41001 Module
ED41066 - Developing Effectiveness In Teaching ED41066 Module
ED41069 - Research And The Teacher - An Individual Study (Empirical Thesis) ED41069 Module
ED41070 - Research And The Teacher - An Individual Study (Literature Based Thesis) ED41070 Module
ED41071 - Professional Practice ED41071 Module
ED41072 - Professional Graduate Diploma In Education (Primary Or Secondary) 1a ED41072 Module
ED41073 - Professional Practice ED41073 Module
ED42001 - Pedagogical Studies ED42001 Module
ED42002 - Professional Practice ED42002 Module
ED42003 - Professional Practice 2b ED42003 Module
ED42070 - The School In The Community ED42070 Module
ED42071 - The Final Placement ED42071 Module
ED42073 - Global Learning ED42073 Module
ED42074 - Critical Studies In Comparative Education ED42074 Module
ED42075 - Professional Graduate Diploma In Education (Primary Or Secondary) 2a ED42075 Module
ED42076 - Professional Practice 2 ED42076 Module
ED42077 - Professional Practice 3 ED42077 Module
ED42079 - PGCE(S) Professional Practice Placement 1 ED42079 Module
ED50014 - Learning And Teaching Online ED50014 Module
ED50015 - Assessment Online ED50015 Module
ED50020 Placement Module (Year 1) ED50020 Module
ED50022 - Educational Psychology Practice In The Secondary And Post-School Years ED50022 Module
ED50023 - Advanced Educational Psychology Practice ED50023 Module
ED50024 - Placement Module (Year 2) ED50024 Module
ED50039 - Independent Study ED50039 Module
ED50041 Negotiated Study ED50041 Module
ED50042- The Associate Module ED50042 Module
ED50043 - The Fellowship Module (Part 1) ED50043 Module
ED50044 - The Fellowship Module (Part 2) ED50044 Module
ED50047 Reflecting Upon Leadership in the IB ED50047 Module
ED50048 - PGCE(S) Developing Practice ED50048 Module
ED50049 - PGCE(S) Introduction To Learning And Teaching ED50049 Module
ED50050 - Professional Practice 2: Leading Learning ED50050 Module
ED51017 - Introduction to Educational Psychology ED51017 Module
ED51072 - Pgde(P/S) Introduction To Learning And Teaching ED51072 Module
ED52018 - Educational Psychology Practice in the Early Years ED52018 Module
ED52019 - Educational Psychology Practice In The Primary Years ED52019 Module
ED_D006 - Research Ethics ED_D006 Module
ED_D145 - TQFE ED_D145 Module
ED_D147 - Research Methods for Doctoral Students ED_D147 Module
ED_D148 - MSc Educational Psychology Programme Information ED_D148 Module
ED_D155 - TQFE ED_D155 Module
ED_D156 - Professional and Academic Development ED_D156 Module
ED_D157 - TQFE ED_D157 Module
ED_G166 - Childhood Practice Community ED_G166 Module
ID10001 - Working Together To Achieve Social Justice ID10001 Module
ID11001 - Values: Self, Society And The Professions ID11001 Module
ID32001 - Joint Action For Social Justice ID32001 Module
PD10032 - Recognition And Accreditation Of Prior Learning (7) PD10032 Module
PD10036 - Creating the Child's Learning Environment PD10036 Module
PD10037 - Engaging Communities (1) PD10037 Module
PD10039 - Independent Study (1) PD10039 Module
PD10040 - My Professional Development PD10040 Module
PD10041 - Getting it Right for Health & Wellbeing PD10041 Module
PD10042 - Perspectives on Childhood PD10042 Module
PD10043 - Professional Project PD10043 Module
PD10044 - Recognition Of Prior Informal Learning: Learning Statement PD10044 Module
PD10045 - Mentoring PD10045 Module
PD10046 - Evaluating Programmes and Projects PD10046 Module
PD10048 - Self Management and Personal Effectiveness PD10048 Module
PD10050 - Recognition of Prior Informal Learning (RPL) 20 PD10050 Module
PD10051 - Recognition of Prior Informal Learning (RPL) 40 PD10051 Module
PD10052 - Recognition of Prior Informal Learning (RPL) 60 PD10052 Module
PD10053 - Recognition of Prior Informal Learning (RPL) 80 PD10053 Module
PD20046 - Managing Community-Based Projects PD20046 Module
PD20048 - Managing Volunteers PD20048 Module
PD20050 - Recognition and Accreditation of Prior Learning (8) PD20050 Module
PD20051 - Profiling Your Community PD20051 Module
PD20052 - Self Management and Personal Effectiveness PD20052 Module
PD20054 - Challenging Behaviour PD20054 Module
PD20055 - Children and Society PD20055 Module
PD20056 - Creativity And Self Expression PD20056 Module
PD20057 - Developing Learning Opportunities and Experiences PD20057 Module
PD20058 - Training and Development PD20058 Module
PD20059 - Diversity and Inclusion PD20059 Module
PD20060 - Engaging Communities (2) PD20060 Module
PD20061 - Evaluating Programmes and Projects PD20061 Module
PD20062 - Independent Study (2) PD20062 Module
PD20065 - Professional Project PD20065 Module
PD20066 - Reflective Action Planning PD20066 Module
PD20067 - Mentoring PD20067 Module
PD20068 - Training and Development PD20068 Module
PD20069 - Personal and Professional Effectiveness 1 PD20069 Module
PD20070 - Personal and Professional Effectiveness 2 PD20070 Module
PD30037 - Self Management and Personal Effectiveness PD30037 Module
PD30043 - Partnership And Interprofessional Collaboration PD30043 Module
PD30068 - Challenging Behaviour PD30068 Module
PD30070 - Developing Learning Opportunities And Experiences PD30070 Module
PD30071 - Diversity and Inclusion PD30071 Module
PD30072 - Engaging Communities (3) PD30072 Module
PD30074 - Independent Study (3) PD30074 Module
PD30075 - Leading Inquiry PD30075 Module
PD30076 - Leading And Managing Quality Childhood Practice PD30076 Module
PD30077 - Leadership & Management Strategies PD30077 Module
PD30078 - Mentoring PD30078 Module
PD30079 - Project Management PD30079 Module
PD30080 - Professional Project PD30080 Module
PD30081 - Training and Development PD30081 Module
PD30082 - Evaluating Programmes and Projects PD30082 Module
PD30085 - Engaging Families in Learning PD30085 Module
PD30086 - Volunteer Management PD30086 Module
PD30087 - Professional Inquiry Project PD30087 Module
PD30090 - Personal And Professional Effectiveness 2 PD30090 Module
PD50154 - Contemporary Issues In Child Care And Protection PD50154 Module
PD50155 - Critical Thinking And Evidence Based Practice PD50155 Module
PD50169 - Action Inquiry And Reflective Practices PD50169 Module
PD50170 - Community Learning And Development PD50170 Module
PD50171 - Community Planning And Regeneration PD50171 Module
PD50175 - Leadership, Change And Organisational Development PD50175 Module
PD50177 - Research Methods for Professional Inquiry PD50177 Module
PD50178 - Dissertation PD50178 Module
PD50179 - Research And Development Project PD50179 Module
PD50183 - Negotiated Study PD50183 Module
PD50189 - Reflecting Upon Practice PD50189 Module
PD50190 - Enquiry Into Collaborative Teaching And Learning PD50190 Module
PD50192 - Innovation In The Curriculum PD50192 Module
PD50194 - International Education PD50194 Module
PD50197 - Negotiated Study 2 PD50197 Module
PD50204 - Working Supportively with Learners PD50204 Module
PD50205 - Working Towards Inclusion PD50205 Module
PD50206 - Dissertation PD50206 Module
PD50207 - Workplace-Based Project PD50207 Module
PD50210 - Assessment And Intervention Of Need And Risk PD50210 Module
PD50211 - Interpersonal Violence: Theory And Practice PD50211 Module
PD50212 - Enhancing Family Relationships With And Within A Child Protection Environment PD50212 Module
PD50213 - Therapeutic Interventions With Children And Families PD50213 Module
PD50214 - Inter-Professional Collaboration And Organisational Change PD50214 Module
PD50215 - Learning In A Community Of Practice PD50215 Module
PD50216 - Legislation And Policy PD50216 Module
PD50217 - Adult Care & Protection: Theory And Practice PD50217 Module
PD50218 - Continuity And Progression Of Development And Learning: Birth To Eight PD50218 Module
PD50219 - Theories, Concepts And Models Of Policing PD50219 Module
PD50221 - Managing And Controlling Crime PD50221 Module
PD50222 - Management And Leadership In Policing Organisations PD50222 Module
PD50223 - Social Identity And The Makings Of Community: Anxiety, Threat And Security PD50223 Module
PD50224 - Developing Mathematical Thinking PD50224 Module
PD50226 - Coaching In A Systemic Context PD50226 Module
PD50228 - Leadership and Management of Childhood Practice PD50228 Module
PD50230 - Mentoring PD50230 Module
PD50231 - Meeting the Needs of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Complex Social Communication Needs PD50231 Module
PD50232 - Science in the Primary School PD50232 Module
PD50233 - Developing as a Strategic Leader PD50233 Module
PD50234 - Leading Strategic Change PD50234 Module
PD50236 - Understanding And Improving Primary-Secondary Transitions PD50236 Module
PD50237 - Teaching And Learning For Equity PD50237 Module
PD50238 - Building Capacity in Self and Others PD50238 Module
PD50239 - Pursuing Equity and Excellence in Practice PD50239 Module
PD50240 - Shaping Professional Identity and Practice: Critical Reflection in the Transition to Headship PD50240 Module
PhD Programme Foyer ED_D144 Module
RD51001 Research Methodologies for Interdisciplinarity RD51001 Module
SW10007 - Reflective Practice (Year 1) SW10007 Module
SW11008 - The Formation Of Social Work: Early Origins And The Idea Of Community Care SW11008 Module
SW11009 - Formation Of Social Work SW11009 Module
SW11010 - Power, Politics and Practice SW11010 Module
SW11011 - Skills for Relationship Building SW11011 Module
SW12010 - The Formation Of Social Work: Childhood, The Family And Justice SW12010 Module
SW12011 - Assessing Human Behaviour In The Social Environment: A Life Course Perspective 1 SW12011 Module
SW20008 - Working Together SW20008 Module
SW21010 - Social Work, Law And Practice SW21010 Module
SW21011 - Reflective Practice SW21011 Module
SW21012 - Foundations of Policy and Practice SW21012 Module
SW21013 - Law And Social Policy In Social Work Practice SW21013 Module
SW21014 - Assessing Human Behaviour SW21014 Module
SW22012 - Practice Learning SW22012 Module
SW22013 - Introduction to Practice Learning BA2 SW22013 Module
SW30010 - Research, Understanding And Applying Research SW30010 Module
SW30011 - Models And Methods SW30011 Module
SW30012 - Working Together to Achieve Social Justice 3 SW30012 Module
SW32011 - Assessing Human Behaviour In The Social Environment: A Life Course Perspective 2 SW32011 Module
SW40002 - Professional Practice: Delivery And Development In Organisations (Year 4) SW40002 Module
SW40003 - Reflective Practice 4 SW40003 Module
SW42003 - Practice Learning 4 SW42003 Module
SW50010 - Evaluating And Contributing To Policy Development SW50010 Module
SW50011 - Contributing To The Enhancement Of Colleagues' Skills And Knowledge SW50011 Module
SW50013 - Integrated Social Work Practice SW50013 Module
SW50014 - Professional Decision Making 1a SW50014 Module
SW50015 - Integrated Social Work Practice (5b) SW50015 Module
SW50016 - Professional Decision Making 1b SW50016 Module
SW50017 - Decision Making (Module 1) SW50017 Module
SW50018 - Health and Social Care Integration (Module 2) SW50018 Module
SW50019 - Leading for Change in Organisations SW50019 Module

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