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Name Code Type
AG11013 - Principles Of Management AG11013 Module
AG11022 - Personal Academic Student Skills AG11022 Module
AG11023 - Step Up AG11023 Module
AG11028 - Principles Of Marketing AG11028 Module
AG11041 - English For Academic Purposes 1 AG11041 Module
AG11053 - Managing Personal Effectiveness AG11053 Module
AG11054 - Principles of Economics AG11054 Module
AG11058 - General Pre-Sessional English For International Students AG11058 Module
AG11059 - General Pre-Sessional English For International Students AG11059 Module
AG11060 - Pre-Sessional English For Business Students AG11060 Module
AG11061 - Pre-Sessional English For Business Students AG11061 Module
AG11062 - Pre-Sessional English For Business Students AG11062 Module
AG11063 - General Pre-Sessional English For International Students AG11063 Module
AG12027 - Human Resource Management AG12027 Module
AG12040 - English for Academic Purposes 2 AG12040 Module
AG12054 - Accounting For Non-Accountants AG12054 Module
AG20001 - Career Planning Module Online AG20001 Module
AG21001 - Corporate Finance AG21001 Module
AG21002 - Market Research AG21002 Module
AG21003 - Recruitment, Training and Development AG21003 Module
AG21010 - Leadership In Practice AG21010 Module
AG22001 - Business Management Internship Module AG22001 Module
AG22003 - Career Management for Law Students AG22003 Module
AG22004 - Operations Management AG22004 Module
AG22029 - Strategic Management AG22029 Module
AG22035 - Career Planning AG22035 Module
AG22037 - Internship AG22037 Module
AG22039 - Enterprise Module AG22039 Module
AG31003 - Enterprise, Small Business and Business Planning AG31003 Module
AM22003 - America: Land of the Free? AM22003 Module
AM40001 - Dissertation AM40001 Module
AP41001 - APCP Dissertation AP41001 Module
Beyond the Internet Part 1 ARC_D235 Module
Beyond the Internet Part 2 ARC_D236 Module
BMSc Orthopaedics Online LLC_D129 Module
CG50001 - Critical Approaches To Comics And Graphic Novels CG50001 Module
CG50002 - International Comics Cultures CG50002 Module
CG50003 - Creating Comics CG50003 Module
CG50005 - The Superhero CG50005 Module
CG50006 - Science Fiction Comics CG50006 Module
CG50007 - The Pictured Page: Literature To Comics CG50007 Module
CG50008 - Autobiographix CG50008 Module
CG50009 - Comics And Film CG50009 Module
CG50010 - Dissertation CG50010 Module
Doctoral Studies - School of Humanities HU_D004 Module
EAP Pre-sessional Programme SA_D001 Module
EH11003 - Reading The Screen: An Introduction To Film Studies EH11003 Module
EH11005 - The Rise Of Atlantic Empires 1500-1750 EH11005 Module
EH11007 - The Globalizing World EH11007 Module
EH11008 - Personal Academic Student Skills EH11008 Module
EH11009 - Foundations Of Modern Political Philosophy EH11009 Module
EH12001 - Introduction to Literary Study EH12001 Module
EH12002 - Film Genres EH12002 Module
EH12005 - Perspectives And Movements EH12005 Module
EH21003 - Romantic To Victorian Literature 1789-1901 EH21003 Module
EH21008 - Scotland And The Wider World EH21008 Module
EH22008 - Existential Themes In Technology, Culture and Film EH22008 Module
EH31001 - European and New Wave Cinema EH31001 Module
EH31002 - Ulysses? Voyaging: Classical Pagan Backgrounds To English Literature EH31002 Module
EH31004 - The Scottish Enlightenment EH31004 Module
EN11001 - Introduction to Literary Study EN11001 Module
EN11003 - Reading the Screen: an Introduction to Film Studies EN11003 Module
EN11004 The Victorian Short Story EN11004 Module
EN11006 - Early Modern Literature 1564-1740 EN11006 Module
EN11007 - Starting Creative Writing EN11007 Module
EN11008 - Introduction To Comics EN11008 Module
EN11009 -Introduction to Memoir and Creative Non-Fiction EN11009 Module
EN11010 - Continuing Memoir and Creative Non-Fiction EN11010 Module
EN11011 - Introduction to Creative Writing EN11011 Module
EN11012 - Scottish Cinema - Beyond Brigadoon EN11012 Module
EN11013 An Introduction to Children's Literature 1800-1950 EN11013 Module
EN12005 - Perspectives and Movements in Cinema EN12005 Module
EN12007 - Classic Hollywood Cinema EN12007 Module
EN12008 - Comics And Other Media EN12008 Module
EN12009 - 21st Century Children's and Young Adult Gothic EN12009 Module
EN21003 - Classic Hollywood Cinema EN21003 Module
EN21004 - Modernist to Contemporary Literature, 1901 to the Present Day EN21004 Module
EN21005 - Introduction To Creative Writing Practice EN21005 Module
EN22002 - Romantic to Victorian Literature 1789-1901 EN22002 Module
EN22004 - Film Noir EN22004 Module
EN22006 - National Cinemas Post 1945 EN22006 Module
EN31001 - Scottish Literature Before 1900 EN31001 Module
EN31006 - Multi-Ethnic American Fiction EN31006 Module
EN31007 - Romantic and Gothic Literature, 1760-1830 EN31007 Module
EN31011 - Post-Colonial Texts EN31011 Module
EN31013 - European Cinema Since 1960 EN31013 Module
EN31015 - Literature to Comics EN31015 Module
EN31022 - Modern Drama and Performance EN31022 Module
EN31023 - Ulysses' Voyaging: Classical Pagan Backgrounds to English Literature (Conventional) EN31023 Module
EN31024 - Staging Cultures: Renaissance to Restoration Theatre EN31024 Module
EN31026 - The African Novel EN31026 Module
EN31027 - Theoretical perspectives on Film from Early Cinema to New Media EN31027 Module
EN31028 - Writing Creative Essays EN31028 Module
EN31029 - Nature Writing EN31029 Module
EN32001 - American Literature EN32001 Module
EN32002 - Literature in Scotland after the Union of 1707: 18c and 19c EN32002 Module
EN32003 - Medieval Literature EN32003 Module
EN32005 - Modernism and Modernity EN32005 Module
EN32008 - Victorian Literature EN32008 Module
EN32009 - Contemporary Literature EN32009 Module
EN32010 - Writing as Making: Poetics and Creativity EN32010 Module
EN32011 - Shakespeare EN32011 Module
EN32013 - Making Writing Matter EN32013 Module
EN32020 - Film Art EN32020 Module
EN32021 - Introduction to Creative Writing Practice EN32021 Module
EN32022 - The English Novel (pre-1900) EN32022 Module
EN32033 - The Word Made Flesh: Biblical Influences In English Literature EN32033 Module
EN32034 - Mediaevalism at the Movies EN32034 Module
EN32035 - Writing, Books And Texts EN32035 Module
EN41002 - Of Gods and Monsters: The Literature of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings EN41002 Module
EN41003 - Contemporary Poetry EN41003 Module
EN41004 - Deciding on Writing EN41004 Module
EN41011 - Dissertation EN41011 Module
EN41013 - Re-Imagining Britain EN41013 Module
EN41015 - Crime and Detection in American Fiction EN41015 Module
EN41016 - H G Wells, Science Fiction and Film EN41016 Module
EN41021 - Making Writing Matter EN41021 Module
EN41022 - Mediaevalism at the Movies EN41022 Module
EN41024 - Contemporary British Writers of Comics and Graphic Novels EN41024 Module
EN41025 - Image, Text and Performance EN41025 Module
EN41027 - Scottish and Irish Literature EN41027 Module
EN41028 - Shakespearian Stars EN41028 Module
EN41030 - Victorian Literature EN41030 Module
EN41031 - Romantic And Gothic Literature EN41031 Module
EN42008 - The Novels of Virginia Woolf: Modernism and Feminism EN42008 Module
EN42010 - American Modernism EN42010 Module
EN42020 - Epics, Exile and Nostalgia: the Films of Powell & Pressburger, Tarkovsky and Kurosawa EN42020 Module
EN42024 - South African Literature and Film, 1883 to the Present EN42024 Module
EN42026 - Writing Texts and Books EN42026 Module
EN42027 - Film And Theatre EN42027 Module
EN42028 - Poetry in the World EN42028 Module
EN50001 - Publishing Writing EN50001 Module
EN50002 - The Cinema Of John Huston: Adaptation And Authorship EN50002 Module
EN50003 - Approaches to Film Studies: Theory, Criticism, Archive EN50003 Module
EN50015 - Dissertation EN50015 Module
EN51003 - Arthurian Literature and Chaucer to Malory and Beyond EN51003 Module
EN51004 - Constructing Identities: Self, Subject and Persona in Contemporary Poetry EN51004 Module
EN51006 - Comics And Film - From Script To Page, From Script To Screen EN51006 Module
EN51007 - Digital Comics EN51007 Module
EN51008 - Science Fiction Comics EN51008 Module
EN51014 - Virginia Woolf and the Modern World EN51014 Module
EN51016 - Refining Writing EN51016 Module
EN51017 - Studying Writing EN51017 Module
EN51018 - Approaches to Film Adaptation EN51018 Module
EN51019 - Autobiographix: Documentary and Autobiographical Comics EN51019 Module
EN51020 - Theatre Studies EN51020 Module
EN51021 - History of Drama EN51021 Module
EN51022 - Romantic and Victorian Poetry EN51022 Module
EN51025 - Science Fiction - issues and approaches EN51025 Module
EN51026 - Science Fiction Film EN51026 Module
EN51027 - Critical Approaches to Comics and Graphic Novels EN51027 Module
EN51028 - The Pictured Page: Literature to Comics EN51028 Module
EN51029 - The Writer-Director in American Film EN51029 Module
EN51030 - The Irish Novel EN51030 Module
EN51031 - The Scottish Novel EN51031 Module
EN51032 - The Literature of Hollywood EN51032 Module
EN51034 - The Gothic Tradition EN51034 Module
EN51035 - Publishing Writing A: Developing Literary Journal Skills EN51035 Module
EN51036 - Publishing Writing B: Work Experience And Projects EN51036 Module
EN51037 - Publishing Writing C: Developing Style And Genre EN51037 Module
EN51038 - Film Editing: Theory And Practice EN51038 Module
EN51039 - Special Subject EN51039 Module
EN52006 - Writing, Texts and Books EN52006 Module
EN52007 - James Joyce and the Cinema EN52007 Module
EN52010 - Postwar American Fiction and Transatlantic Exchange EN52010 Module
EN52024 - Exploring Old English Texts EN52024 Module
EN52025 - Creating Writing EN52025 Module
EN52026 - Textuality and Visual Culture EN52026 Module
EN52027 - Gender, Ethnicity, Text: Contemporary Readings EN52027 Module
EN52028 - Dylan and Imagination EN52028 Module
EN52029 - Literature & Society, 1750-1900 EN52029 Module
EN52030 - Planning Writing EN52030 Module
EN52031 - Scriptwriting EN52031 Module
EN52032 - Creating Comics EN52032 Module
EN52033 - International Comics Cultures EN52033 Module
EN52034 - Two British Auteurs: Ken Russell and John Boorman EN52034 Module
EN52036 - Performing Writing EN52036 Module
EN52037 - Film and Theatre EN52037 Module
EN52038 - Theatre Directing EN52038 Module
EN52039 - Special Author (Directed Reading) EN52039 Module
EN52040 - New Wave to Contemporary Science Fiction EN52040 Module
EN52041 - Difference in Science Fiction EN52041 Module
EN52042 - Difference in Science Fiction EN52042 Module
EN52043 - Placement Module EN52043 Module
EN52044 - The Superhero EN52044 Module
EN52045 - Introduction To Practical Filmmaking EN52045 Module
EN52046 - Special Author/Subject EN52046 Module
EN52048 - Introduction To Practical Non-Fiction Filmmaking EN52048 Module
EN52049 - Dissecting Writing EN52049 Module
EN53001 - Continuing Writing: the Creative Writing Dissertation EN53001 Module
English Support Programme LL_D001 Module
EU11001 - Europe: Time, Space & Peoples EU11001 Module
EU21002 - Contemporary Challenges For Europe EU21002 Module
EU30004 - A Vision Of Europe EU30004 Module
EU40002 - Dissertation EU40002 Module
FR30001 - French Speaking Countries FR30001 Module
FR30002 - Key Dates in French History FR30002 Module
FR30003 - Education and Work FR30003 Module
FR30004 - The French Cinema FR30004 Module
FR40001 - French Literature (Prose Poetry and Song) FR40001 Module
FR40002 - Health and The Environment FR40002 Module
FR40003 - Written Project and Written and Oral Exams in French FR40003 Module
GCEC001 - English for Academic Study Resources GCEC001 Module
GR30001 - German Speaking Countries GR30001 Module
GR30002 - Key Dates in German History GR30002 Module
GR30003 - Education and Work GR30003 Module
GR30004 - German Cinema GR30004 Module
GR40001 - German Literature (Prose Poetry and Song) GR40001 Module
GR40002 - Health and The Environment GR40002 Module
GR40003 - Written Project and Written and Oral Exams in German GR40003 Module
HU11003 - Paris - Capital Of The Nineteenth Century HU11003 Module
HU11004 - Understanding Race in America HU11004 Module
HU12003 - Making Memory HU12003 Module
HU22001 - America: The Land of the Free? HU22001 Module
HU42001 - The History of the Book HU42001 Module
HU42002 Investigating the Archive in the 21st Century HU42002 Module
HU51001 - Approaches to Literary and Visual Culture HU51001 Module
HU51003 - Approaches to Gender, Culture and Society HU51003 Module
HU51004 - Civil Society and Governance HU51004 Module
HU51005- Forensic Science and Networks of Knowledge in the 19th and 20th Centuries HU51005 Module
HU51006 Scotland and Atlantic Slavery HU51006 Module
HU52005 - History of the Book 1500-1800 HU52005 Module
HU52006 - Governing Scotland HU52006 Module
HU52007 - Devolution and Global Governance: Symposium HU52007 Module
HU52008 - The Rise of the Modern Detective HU52008 Module
HU53001 - Devolution and Global Governance: Case Study Project HU53001 Module
HY11004 - Age of Revolution c.1750 to 1850 HY11004 Module
HY11005 - The Rise of Atlantic Empires, 1500-1750 HY11005 Module
HY11007 - The History Of Dundee 1700-2000 HY11007 Module
HY12005 - The Post-War Intellectual Crisis HY12005 Module
HY21003 - The Great War and History: Debates and Perspectives HY21003 Module
HY21004 - Imperialism And Decolonisation 1850-2000 HY21004 Module
HY22004 - Europe in Transition, 1870 - 1922 HY22004 Module
HY22006 - Scotland and the Wider World HY22006 Module
HY30003 - Modern Scottish History: 1707 To Present HY30003 Module
HY30031 - Medieval And Early Modern Scotland, C. 1100-1707 HY30031 Module
HY31004 - The Scottish Enlightenment HY31004 Module
HY31013 - Scottish Diaspora, c. 1700-1945 HY31013 Module
HY31016 - Reading Seventeenth Century Scotland HY31016 Module
HY31020 - Holland in the Age of Rembrandt HY31020 Module
HY31029 - Making History: Issues in the Study of the Past HY31029 Module
HY31032 - Society and Politics in Italy 1860 - 1980 HY31032 Module
HY31033 - The Scottish Soldier: Image and Reality c.1870 - 1922 HY31033 Module
HY31034 - Interpreting German History 1814-1914 HY31034 Module
HY31037 - The Invasion of America: The Native American Response to the European Colonisation of North America, 1492-1763 HY31037 Module
HY31038 - Women and Gender in Twentieth-Century Europe HY31038 Module
HY31040 - The World On The Move 1650-1800: Globalisation Before The Steamship HY31040 Module
HY31041 Life at the Margins: Sinners, Deviants and Outcasts in Early Modern Scotland, c.1550-c.1750 HY31041 Module
HY31042 - Civilisation and Barbarism in the Kingdom of Ireland HY31042 Module
HY32010 - Questions of Ulster 1885 - the present HY32010 Module
HY32017 - Imperial Spain, 1476-1840 HY32017 Module
HY32018 - Early American Culture and Society HY32018 Module
HY32025 - Imperial Russia, 1700-1917 HY32025 Module
HY32026 - Restoration, Revolution, Union and Rebellion: Scotland C1660-C1760 HY32026 Module
HY32028 - The Cold War HY32028 Module
HY32032 - America in the Sixties HY32032 Module
HY32033 - The Scottish Highlands 1790-1925: Clearance the Land War and the Landed Classes HY32033 Module
HY32034 - Scotland at War, 1899-1922 HY32034 Module
HY32035 - Contemporary African History HY32035 Module
HY40001 - Research Dissertation HY40001 Module
HY40002 - The Italian Renaissance HY40002 Module
HY40004 - Colonialism, Science and Medicine in Modern India HY40004 Module
HY40035 - Crime and Punishment in Britain and Europe, 1750-1900 HY40035 Module
HY40038 - The American Civil Rights Movement from Booker T. Washington to Barack Obama HY40038 Module
HY40040 - French Revolution 1789-1799 HY40040 Module
HY41003 - Scotland and Europe c.1530 - c.1570 HY41003 Module
HY41004 - Enlightened Despotism in Europe 1763-1789 HY41004 Module
HY41024 - Revolution and Counter Revolution in Ireland 1912-1936 HY41024 Module
HY41032 - The Early American Frontier c. 1615-1815 HY41032 Module
HY41051 - Scotland Versus England, 1296-1329: When Two Tribes go to War HY41051 Module
HY41052 - The British Landed Classes, 1832-1945 HY41052 Module
HY41053 - Modern South Africa: Apartheid African Liberation and Democracy HY41053 Module
HY41056: Scotland: Restoration, Revolution and Union, 1660-1707 HY41056 Module
HY41057 Slavery: History, Memory, Legacy. HY41057 Module
HY42037 - Colonial New York: Origins of a City, 1600-1800 HY42037 Module
HY42038 - Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1970 HY42038 Module
HY42048 - Fascist Italy HY42048 Module
HY42049 - Film and History HY42049 Module
HY42050 - History of the Book, 1500-1800 HY42050 Module
HY42052 - Settling The Trans-Appalachian West, Ca. 1774-1830 HY42052 Module
HY42054 - Discontent, War and the Impact of Revolution: Scotland 1910-1922 HY42054 Module
HY42055 - Spanish American Independence C. 1808-1825 HY42055 Module
HY42056 - Civilisation and Barbarism in the Kingdom of Ireland HY42056 Module
HY42057 - Scottish Nationalism And The Idea Of Britain HY42057 Module
HY42058 - The Scottish Highlands And Islands: Health Politics And Society 1750-1948 HY42058 Module
HY42059 - Crime and Punishment HY42059 Module
HY51014 - Approaches to the Study of Twentieth Century Britain HY51014 Module
HY51018 - Directed Reading in Historical Research HY51018 Module
HY51019 - Colonial American History in Perspective: The Dutch Empire HY51019 Module
HY51020 - Government in Early Modern Scotland HY51020 Module
HY51021 - Revolution, Civil War and Nationalism: the Historiography and Politics of Irish State Formation, 1912-2005 HY51021 Module
HY51022 - Russia in War and Civil War, 1914-1921 HY51022 Module
HY51024 - Spanish Imperial History 1492 - 1825 HY51024 Module
HY51025 - The Civil Rights Movement in the USA, 1945-1972 HY51025 Module
HY51026 - Church, Politics and Society in Scotland, C.1560-C.1750 HY51026 Module
HY51027 - Global Empires HY51027 Module
HY51028 - Introduction To Historical Research Skills HY51028 Module
HY51037 - MLitt In Scottish History: Dissertation HY51037 Module
HY51038 - The Scottish Highlands and Islands - Clearances to Land Settlement HY51038 Module
HY51039 - Scottish National Identity since 1807 HY51039 Module
HY51040 - Taught History MLitt Option 1 HY51040 Module
HY51041 - Interpretations in Scottish History HY51041 Module
HY51042 - Debates And Issues In Scottish History: Sources Interpretations And Arguments HY51042 Module
HY51045 Public History HY51045 Module
HY51046 Witchcraft and witch-hunting in early-modern Scotland HY51046 Module
HY52006 - History Skills & Sources HY52006 Module
HY52011 - Dissertation HY52011 Module
HY52012 - Key Themes in Early American History HY52012 Module
HY52015 - Religion, Gender and Secularisation in Mainland Britain 1900-2000 HY52015 Module
HY52016 - Economic Growth, Economic Policy and Economic 'Decline' in Twentieth Century Britain HY52016 Module
HY52017 - Labour in Scotland HY52017 Module
HY52021 - Gender in Italy Since 1880 HY52021 Module
HY52023 - Globalisation and the British Empire, Circa 1850-2000 HY52023 Module
HY52025 - Taught History Mlitt HY52025 Module
HY52026 - Health Politics And Society In The Scottish Highlands 1840-1945 HY52026 Module
HY52027 - Scotland In The Age Of Mary Queen Of Scots HY52027 Module
HY52028 - Mlitt History Dissertation HY52028 Module
HY52029 - History & Documentary HY52029 Module
HY52031 - Documenting Dissent: Power, Protest, And Social Justice In The Twentieth Century HY52031 Module
HY53001 - War Empire And Society: Scotland C 1870-1922 HY53001 Module
HY53002 - Scotland: Land And People HY53002 Module
HY53003 - The Union Of 1707 HY53003 Module
HY53004 - Kingship, the Kingdom and Identity: Scotland in the Thirteenth Century HY53004 Module
HY53005 Scotland and the Jacobite Cause HY53005 Module
IF10001 - French Intensive IF10001 Module
IG10001 - German Intensive IG10001 Module
IL10001 - Gaelic Intensive IL10001 Module
IS10001 - Spanish Intensive IS10001 Module
IT52010 - Transatlantic Security and Co-operation IT52010 Module
LD02000 - Academic Skills Online LD02000 Module
LD02001 - English Literature LD02001 Module
LD02002 - History LD02002 Module
LD02003 - Psychology LD02003 Module
LD02004 - Applied Computing LD02004 Module
LD02005 - Mathematics LD02005 Module
LD02006 - Global Citizenship And Health LD02006 Module
LD02007 Learning Xtra LLC_D135 Module
LD02009 - Philosophy LD02009 Module
LD02010 - Globalisation LD02010 Module
LD02011 - Business And Management LD02011 Module
LD02014 - Town Planning And Environmental Sustainability LD02014 Module
LD02015 - Film Genres LD02015 Module
LD02017 - Introductory Maths LD02017 Module
MChOrth Orthopaedics Online LLC_D128 Module
Part-time MA Evening Degree EH_D001 Module
PF11001 - Applied French 1a (Intensive) PF11001 Module
PF11003 - Applied French 1a PF11003 Module
PF12002 - Applied French 1b (Intensive) PF12002 Module
PF12004 - Applied French 1b PF12004 Module
PF21001 - Applied French 2a (Intensive) PF21001 Module
PF21003 - Applied French 2a PF21003 Module
PF22002 - Applied French 2b (Intensive) PF22002 Module
PF22004 - Applied French 2b PF22004 Module
PF30001 - Applied French 3 PF30001 Module
PF30002 - Applied French 3: Language And Culture In Context PF30002 Module
PF40001 - Applied French 4 PF40001 Module
PF40002 - Applied French 4: Language And Culture In Context PF40002 Module
PG11001 - Applied German 1a (Intensive) PG11001 Module
PG11003 - Applied German 1a PG11003 Module
PG12002 - Applied German 1b (Intensive) PG12002 Module
PG12004 - Applied German 1b PG12004 Module
PG21001 - Applied German 2a (Intensive) PG21001 Module
PG21003 - Applied German 2a PG21003 Module
PG22002 - Applied German 2b (Intensive) PG22002 Module
PG22004 - Applied German 2b PG22004 Module
PG30001 - Applied German 3 PG30001 Module
PG40001 - Applied German 4 PG40001 Module
PG40002 - Applied German 4: Language And Culture In Context PG40002 Module
PI11005 - Introduction to Aesthetics PI11005 Module
PI11006 - Plato and the Good Life PI11006 Module
PI11007 - Descartes, Thought and Reality PI11007 Module
PI11008 - Introduction to Scientific Methods and Creativity PI11008 Module
PI11009 - Technology And The Human PI11009 Module
PI21004 - Thinking about life: Existentialism, Life World and Dasein PI21004 Module
PI22006 - Aesthetics PI22006 Module
PI31004 - Question Of Vision In Art And Philosophy PI31004 Module
PI31018 - The Philosophy of Work PI31018 Module
PI31019 - Understanding Media PI31019 Module
PI31020 - Art + Philosophy Now PI31020 Module
PI31021 - Marriage Seduction and Sex in Film-Philosophy PI31021 Module
PI31022 Fear Anxiety and courage in philosophy and film PI31022 Module
PI31023 -Feminist Philosophies and Queer Theories PI31023 Module
PI31024 - German Idealism and its Consequences PI31024 Module
PI31025 - Philosophy, Science, Imagination PI31025 Module
PI31026 - The Globalisation of the World Pictures PI31026 Module
PI32020 - Love And Desire In Plato's Dialogues PI32020 Module
PI32021 - Philosophy of Religion PI32021 Module
PI32022 - The Philosophies of the Self PI32022 Module
PI32023 - Phenomenology: Lifeworld Philosophy PI32023 Module
PI40007 - Dissertation PI40007 Module
PI41009 - Case Studies in Difference and Repetition PI41009 Module
PI41014 - Wittgenstein PI41014 Module
PI41015 - Projects On The Philosophy Of Time PI41015 Module
PI41020 - Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil PI41020 Module
PI41021 - Marx's Capital: Contemporary Critical Projects PI41021 Module
PI41022 - Cyberphilosophy: The Philosophy of Information PI41022 Module
PI41023 - Deconstruction and After PI41023 Module
PI41026 - Sovereignty, Biopolitics, and Autoimmunity: A Critique of Political Life PI41026 Module
PI42003 - Understanding, Dialogue and Interpretation PI42003 Module
PI42013 - Fundamental Texts In The European Tradition. Ancient Greek And Roman Philosophy PI42013 Module
PI42014 - Fundamental texts in the European tradition – Phenomenology PI42014 Module
PI50019 - Dissertation PI50019 Module
PI51018 - Major Texts and Figures in Contemporary Philosophy PI51018 Module
PI51025 - Self Directed Study Module (Philosophy) PI51025 Module
PI51026 - Philosophies of Imagination PI51026 Module
PI51027 - New Materialisms and Realisms PI51027 Module
PI52001 - Economies of Creativity PI52001 Module
PI52002 - Tragedy's Figures: Aesthetics, Politics, Philosophy PI52002 Module
PS11001 - Applied Spanish 1a (Intensive) PS11001 Module
PS11003 - Applied Spanish 1a PS11003 Module
PS12002 - Applied Spanish 1b (Intensive) PS12002 Module
PS12004 - Applied Spanish 1b PS12004 Module
PS21001 - Applied Spanish 2a (Intensive) PS21001 Module
PS21003 - Applied Spanish 2a PS21003 Module
PS22002 - Applied Spanish 2b (Intensive) PS22002 Module
PS22004 - Applied Spanish 2b PS22004 Module
PS30001 - Applied Spanish 3 PS30001 Module
PS30002 - Applied Spanish 3: Language And Culture In Context PS30002 Module
PS40001 - Applied Spanish 4 PS40001 Module
RM30003 - An Introduction to Digitisation and Digital Preservation RM30003 Module
RM30014 - Introduction To The Management And Preservation Of Archives RM30014 Module
RM30015 - Outreach And Education: An Introduction To The Promotion Of Archives RM30015 Module
RM50001 - Archive Services, Access And Preservation RM50001 Module
RM50002 - Ethical Approaches To Recordkeeping RM50002 Module
RM50006 - Principles And Practice Of Records Management RM50006 Module
RM50007 - Scots Palaeography and Diplomatic RM50007 Module
RM50008 - Skills And Sources For Family And Local History In Scotland RM50008 Module
RM50011 - Complying With Information Legislation: Principles And Practice RM50011 Module
RM50012 - Skills And Sources For Family And Local History In England RM50012 Module
RM50013 - Cataloguing in a Digital Age RM50013 Module
RM50015 - Strategic Management For Information Professionals RM50015 Module
RM50017 - Management And Preservation Of Digital Records RM50017 Module
RM50018 - Preservation and Disaster Management RM50018 Module
RM50019 - Metadata Standards and Information Taxonomies RM50019 Module
RM50020 - Business Archives And Records RM50020 Module
RM50023 - Research Proposal And Dissertation RM50023 Module
RM50024 - Ecclesiastical Archives RM50024 Module
RM50026 - Wider Legal Frameworks RM50026 Module
RM50027 - English Palaeography And Diplomatic RM50027 Module
RM50028 - Heraldry RM50028 Module
RM50030 - Understanding And Managing Rare Books RM50030 Module
RM50031 - The Theory And Context Of Recordkeeping RM50031 Module
RM50032 - Understanding Latin In Documents And Archives RM50032 Module
RM50033 - Understanding And Reading Latin RM50033 Module
RM50035 - House History RM50035 Module
RM50036 - Military Archives RM50036 Module
RM50037 - Public History RM50037 Module
RM50039 - Oral History RM50039 Module
RM50040 - Copyright For Information Professionals RM50040 Module
RM51001 - Archive Management: Principles And Practice RM51001 Module
RM51005 - Electronic Records Management RM51005 Module
RM51006 - Sound and Vision: Managing and Preserving Photographs Film and Sound RM51006 Module
RM51008 - Prinicples and practice of information legislation: General data protection regulations and privacy rights RM51008 Module
RM51009 - Principles and practice of information legislation: Freedom of Inofrmation and access rights RM51009 Module
RM52001 - Basic Latin For Archivists And Researchers RM52001 Module
RM52002 - Disaster Management For Information Professionals RM52002 Module
RM52003 - Preservation For Information Professionals RM52003 Module
RM52006 - Education Archives RM52006 Module
SP30001 - The Hispanic World SP30001 Module
SP30002 - History & Society SP30002 Module
SP30003 - Work & Education SP30003 Module
SP30004 - Culture Leisure and Cinema SP30004 Module
SP40001 - Literature SP40001 Module
SP40002 - Health and The Environment SP40002 Module
SP40003 - Written Project and Written and Oral Exams in Spanish SP40003 Module
SS03008 - History SS03008 Module
SS03016 - Step Up to University SS03016 Module
SS03020 - American Studies SS03020 Module
SS03025 - Understand Your Professional Self SS03025 Module
Taught PG Studies - School of Humanities HU_D005 Module

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