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Name Code Type
BI31056 - Gross Anatomy 1 BI31056 Module
BI32065 - Gross Anatomy 2 BI32065 Module
BI40050 - Life Sciences Honours General BI40050 Module
BI40051 - Semester 1 Honours BI40051 Module
BI40052 - Semester 2 Honours BI40052 Module
BS10001 - Dundee College Collective Module BS10001 Module
BS11001 - Biomolecules BS11001 Module
BS11002 - Introduction To The Life Sciences: Why Go Multicellular? BS11002 Module
BS11003 - Laboratory And Research Skills 1a BS11003 Module
BS11004 - Laboratory And Research Skills 1b BS11004 Module
BS11005 - Introduction To Maths, Chemistry And Physics BS11005 Module
BS11006 - The Poison Pen BS11006 Module
BS11007 - Physics For The Life Sciences Workshops BS11007 Module
BS12001 - Life: Building The Organism BS12001 Module
BS12002 - Life: The Underlying Structures BS12002 Module
BS12003 - Laboratory And Research Skills 1c BS12003 Module
BS12004 - Laboratory And Research Skills 1d BS12004 Module
BS12005 - Science And Society BS12005 Module
BS12006 - Chemistry for the Life Sciences Workshops BS12006 Module
BS12008 - Introduction To Scientific Enterprise BS12008 Module
BS12009 - Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry BS12009 Module
BS21001 - The Evolution Of Modern Life BS21001 Module
BS21002 - The Gene And The Cell BS21002 Module
BS21003 - Laboratory And Research Skills 2a BS21003 Module
BS21004 - Laboratory And Research Skills 2b BS21004 Module
BS21005 - Active Living BS21005 Module
BS21007 - Introductory Anatomy BS21007 Module
BS21008 - Bioinorganic And Organic Chemistry For The Life Sciences Workshops BS21008 Module
BS21009 - Practical Statistics For The Life Sciences BS21009 Module
BS21010 - Data Visualisation BS21010 Module
BS21011 - Developing Scientific Enterprise BS21011 Module
BS22001 - Biomedical Sciences BS22001 Module
BS22002 - Biological Sciences BS22002 Module
BS22003 - Laboratory And Research Skills 2c BS22003 Module
BS31001 - Embryology BS31001 Module
BS31002 - Histology BS31002 Module
BS31003 - Molecular structure and interactions BS31003 Module
BS31004 - Biochemistry & Cell Biology BS31004 Module
BS31005 - Genetics BS31005 Module
BS31006 - Gene Regulation & Expression. BS31006 Module
BS31007 - Neurophysiology BS31007 Module
BS31008 - Endocrine Control of Body Homeostasis BS31008 Module
BS31009 - Molecular Pharmacology BS31009 Module
BS31010 - Neuropharmacology BS31010 Module
BS31011 - Clinical Exercise Science 1 BS31011 Module
BS31012 - Sport & Exercise Training Science 1: Physiological Testing and Monitoring BS31012 Module
BS31013 - Biomembranes BS31013 Module
BS31014 - Molecular Pharmacology BS31014 Module
BS31015 - Sports and Exercise Science 1 BS31015 Module
BS31016 - Practical Techniques in Biomedical Sciences BS31016 Module
BS31017 - Sensory and Motor Neuroscience BS31017 Module
BS31018 - Sport and Exercise II BS31018 Module
BS31019 - Regulatory Physiology and Pharmacology BS31019 Module
BS31020 - Experimental Cell Culture BS31020 Module
BS32001 - Neuroanatomy BS32001 Module
BS32002 - Research Methods BS32002 Module
BS32003 - Drug Discovery and Development BS32003 Module
BS32004 - Molecular Microbiology BS32004 Module
BS32005 - Developmental Biology BS32005 Module
BS32006 - Cell Signalling BS32006 Module
BS32007 - Organic Synthesis BS32007 Module
BS32008 - Plant Sciences BS32008 Module
BS32009 - Immunology BS32009 Module
BS32010 - Bioinformatics BS32010 Module
BS32011 - Practical Project A BS32011 Module
BS32012 - Practical Project B BS32012 Module
BS32013 - Renal & Respiratory Physiology BS32013 Module
BS32014 - Gastrointestinal Physiology and Nutrition BS32014 Module
BS32015 - Systems Pharmacology 1 BS32015 Module
BS32016 - Systems Pharmacology 2 BS32016 Module
BS32017 - Clinical Exercise Science 2 BS32017 Module
BS32018 - Sport & Exercise Training Science 2: Science of Training BS32018 Module
BS32019 - Advanced Histology BS32019 Module
BS32020 - Human Epithelial Biology BS32020 Module
BS32021 - Quantitative Pharmacology BS32021 Module
BS32022 - Human morphogenesis and embryonic development BS32022 Module
BS32023 - Regulatory Physiology and Pharmacology BS32023 Module
BS32024 - Neuropsychopharmacology BS32024 Module
BS32025 - Molecular Exercise Science BS32025 Module
BS32026 - Sensory and Motorneuroscience BS32026 Module
BS32027 - Sports and Exercise Science 2 BS32027 Module
BS32028 - Molecular Pharmacology BS32028 Module
BS32029 - Cell Proliferation And Survival Mechanisms Underlying Disease BS32029 Module
BS32030 - Data And Statistical Analysis BS32030 Module
BS32031 - Bioinformatics Research Skills I BS32031 Module
BS40010 - Honours Year Research Project & Skills BS40010 Module
BS41001 - Forensic Osteology BS41001 Module
BS41002 - Peri And Post-Mortem Processes BS41002 Module
BS41003 - Forensic Anthropology Dissertation BS41003 Module
BS41004 - Research Project: Biological Sciences BS41004 Module
BS41005 - Research skills in Biological Sciences BS41005 Module
BS41006 - Advanced Biomedical Topics/ Research BS41006 Module
BS41007 - Research project: Biomedical Sciences BS41007 Module
BS42001 - Forensic Human Identification BS42001 Module
BS42002 - Forensic Science And The Law BS42002 Module
BS42003 - Advanced Bioinformatics BS42003 Module
BS42004 - Advanced Modern Drug Discovery BS42004 Module
BS42005 - Advanced Plant Sciences BS42005 Module
BS42006 - Advanced Immunology BS42006 Module
BS42007 - Cancer Biology BS42007 Module
BS42008 - Advanced Cell & Developmental Biology BS42008 Module
BS42009 - Advanced Molecular Microbiology BS42009 Module
BS42010 - Advanced Gene Regulation and Expression BS42010 Module
BS42011 - Advanced Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology BS42011 Module
BS42012 - Parasitology BS42012 Module
BS42013 - Advanced Cell Signalling BS42013 Module
BS42014 - Nutrient Sensing, Signalling, and Acquisition BS42014 Module
BS42015 - Oxygen Uptake and Utilisation BS42015 Module
BS42016 - Advanced Clinical Exercise Science BS42016 Module
BS42017 - Psychiatric Disorders BS42017 Module
BS42018 - Synaptic Plasticity BS42018 Module
BS42019 - Cardiovascular Pharmacology BS42019 Module
BS42020 - Cancer and Chemical Stress BS42020 Module
BS42021 - Heart and Circulation BS42021 Module
BS42022 - Advanced Training Methods BS42022 Module
BS42023 - Applied Neuroanatomy and Neurological Disorders BS42023 Module
BS42024 - Sensory Systems BS42024 Module
BS42025 - Analgesic and Anaesthetic Pharmacology BS42025 Module
BS42027 - Cancer Pharmacology And Treatment BS42027 Module
BS42028 - Pharmacology Of Diabetes Treatment BS42028 Module
BS50001 - Disaster Victim Identification BS50001 Module
BS50002 - MSci Forensic Anthropology Research Project BS50002 Module
BS50003 - MSci Research Skills BS50003 Module
BS50010 - MSci General Module BS50010 Module
BS51003 - Developmental Juvenile Osteology BS51003 Module
BS51004 - MSci Grant Proposal BS51004 Module
BS51005 - MSci Project-directed Specialist Studies BS51005 Module
BS52004 - Comparative Forensic Osteology 1 BS52004 Module
BS52005 - MSci Research Project BS52005 Module
BS53003 - MSc Biobusiness Research Project BS53003 Module
MSc in Human Anatomy BI_D024 Module
Therapeutics BS52009 Module

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