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Name Code Type
BM40006 - Bmsc - Forensic Medicine BM40006 Module
BM40021 - Cardiovascular Medicine BM40021 Module
BM40022 - Diabetes And Metabolic Disorders BM40022 Module
BM40023 - Bmsc Cardiovascular & Diabetes Medicine Research Project BM40023 Module
BM40024 - Analgesic And Anaesthetic Pharmacology BM40024 Module
BM40025 - Neuroanatomy And Neurodegenerative Disorders BM40025 Module
BM40026 - Psychiatric Disorders BM40026 Module
BM40027 - Synaptic Plasticity And Cognition BM40027 Module
BM40028 & BM40035 - Laboratory Skills BM40028 Module
BM40029 - BMSc In Neuropharmacology And Behaviour Research Project BM40029 Module
BM40030 - BMsc In Human Reproduction, Assisted Conception and Embryonic Stem Cells BM40030 Module
BM40031 - Introduction To Cancer Biology, Genetics & Cancer Treatment BM40031 Module
BM40032 - Cancer Biology & Medicine BM40032 Module
BM40033 - Genetics BM40033 Module
BM40034 - Personalised Medicine BM40034 Module
BM40036 - BMSc In Genetics, Cancer And Personalised Medicine Research Project BM40036 Module
BMSc in Human Genetics & Experimental Medicine BM_D004 Module
BMSc Orthopaedics Online LLC_D132 Module
Centre for Forensic & Legal Medicine CFLM Department
Centre for Medical Education MD_D104 Module
Certificate and Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy MD_D101 Module
CM50101 - Teaching And Learning In Medical Education CM50101 Module
CM50102 - The Principles Of Assessment In Medical Education CM50102 Module
CM50103 - Curriculum Planning In Medical Education CM50103 Module
CM50104 - Management And Leadership In Medical Education CM50104 Module
CM50105 - Medical Education Research CM50105 Module
CM50107 - Educational Support In The Health Professions CM50107 Module
CM50108 - Clinical Skills And Simulation For Education And Practice CM50108 Module
CM50109 - Clinical Teaching CM50109 Module
CM50113 - Assessing Knowledge, Skills And Attitudes CM50113 Module
CM50114 - Professionalism In Medical Education CM50114 Module
CM50115 - E-Learning In Medical Education CM50115 Module
CM50117 - Medical Education For General Practitioners CM50117 Module
CM50134 - CME Hub and Induction CM50134 Module
CM50135 - The CME Hub CM50135 Module
CM50136 - Learning And Teaching In Medical Education CM50136 Module
CM50138 - Leadership in Healthcare and Healthcare Education CM50138 Module
CM50139 - Curriculum Planning and Evaluation CM50139 Module
CM50140 - Medical Education Research CM50140 Module
CM50142 - Assessing Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes CM50142 Module
CM50143 - Professionalism in Medical Education CM50143 Module
CM50146 - Faculty Development in the Health Professions CM50146 Module
CM50147 - Medical Education for Surgical Trainers CM50147 Module
CM50148 - Medical Education for General Practitioners CM50148 Module
CM50149 - Medical Education for Anaesthetists CM50149 Module
CM50150 - Learning, Teaching And Assessment In Radiology CM50150 Module
CM50151 - MMed Dissertation CM50151 Module
CM50154 - Learner transitions in the Health Professions CM50154 Module
CM50156 Medical Education in Oncology CM50156 Module
CM50159 Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Dentistry CM50159 Module
CM50160 Simulation for Healthcare Education and Practice CM50160 Module
CM50161 Intermediate Care - The Frail Patient CM50161 Module
CM51001 - Induction Module CM51001 Module
CM52001 - Self-Directed Learning: Opportunities for Applying Theory to Practice CM52001 Module
Faculty Development CM_D002 Module
GM51006 - Introduction To Medical Sciences: Physiology, Pathophysiology And Clincal Skills GM51006 Module
GM51010 - Basic Statistics GM51010 Module
GM51011 - Epidemiology GM51011 Module
GM51012 - Public Health and Health Care GM51012 Module
GM51013 - Advanced Diabetes Practice GM51013 Module
GM51014 - Clinical Skills and Simulation for Education and Practice GM51014 Module
GM51017 - Self-Management of Diabetes: person centred, enabling approaches to clinical practice GM51017 Module
GM51018 - Facilitation GM51018 Module
GM51020 - Leadership GM51020 Module
GM51023 - Modern Diabetes Care GM51023 Module
GM51024 - Organisational Approaches to the Delivery of Care GM51024 Module
GM51025 - Patient Safety & Quality Improvement in Diabetes Care GM51025 Module
GM51026 - Research Methods GM51026 Module
GM51027 - Reflective Professional Practice GM51027 Module
GM51028 - Safety in Clinical Communication GM51028 Module
GM51029 - Strategic Partnering GM51029 Module
GM51030 - Training the Trainers GM51030 Module
GM51031 - Safe Team Working Using Simulation GM51031 Module
GM51040 - Behavioural Science GM51040 Module
GM51043 - The Science of Diabetes GM51043 Module
GM51044 - Management of Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes GM51044 Module
GM51050 - Preparation For The Dissertation GM51050 Module
GM51051 - Self-management of Diabetes: Person-centred, Enabling Approaches to Clinical Practice GM51051 Module
GM51052 Advanced Diabetes Clinical Practice GM51052 Module
GM51053 - MSc Human Clinical Embryology & Assisted Conception GM51053 Module
GM51054 - Advanced Laboratory Skills GM51054 Module
GM51066 - MRes Cancer Biology GM51066 Module
GM51069 - Managing Collaborations In Healthcare GM51069 Module
GM51070 - Health Informatics Foundations GM51070 Module
GM52006 - Applied Statistics With Observational Datasets GM52006 Module
GM52007 - Intermediate Statistics GM52007 Module
GM52008 - Research Methods GM52008 Module
GM52009 - Advanced Statistics GM52009 Module
GM52011 - Spatial Epidemiology GM52011 Module
GM52017 - Applied Epidemiology GM52017 Module
GM52019 - Systematic Reviews GM52019 Module
GM52020 - Presentation Skills GM52020 Module
GM52022 - Advanced Diabetes Nutrition GM52022 Module
GM52034 - Diabetes Clinical Care GM52034 Module
GM52035 - Running A Successful Art Laboratory And Clinical Service GM52035 Module
GM52036 - Clinical Issues And Controversies In Art GM52036 Module
GM52038 - Diabetes in the Young GM52038 Module
GM53003 - Master In Public Health Dissertation GM53003 Module
GM53004 - MSc Dissertation GM53004 Module
GM53007 - Diabetes Organisational Care GM53007 Module
GM53009 - Research Project (Msc Human Clinical Embryology And Assisted Conception) GM53009 Module
MChOrth Orthopaedics Online LLC_D131 Module
MD_D132 - MSc Human Clinical Embryology & Assisted Conception MD_D132 Module
MD_D138 - PG Certificate & Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy MD_D138 Module
MPH Statistics MD_D116 Module
MRes Cancer Biology MD_D140 Module
MRes Cancer Biology MD_D113 Module
MRes Oral Cancer MD_D114 Module
MS11005 - Health Care In Context MS11005 Module
MS11006 - Caring In Practice MS11006 Module
MS12003 - Orientation To Clinical Studies MS12003 Module
MS20015 - Translational Medicine MS20015 Module
MS20103 - 2nd Year Medicine MS20103 Module
MS30015 - Dissertation MS30015 Module
MSc Human Clinical Embryology & Assisted Conception MD_D141 Module
RD53001 - Professional Identity in a Chaning World RD53001 Module

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