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Development module for NM21011 NM_D075 Module
DNUR002 - Dissertation DNUR002 Module
DNUR004 - MSc Nursing and Health DNUR004 Module
NA12013 - Introduction To Care Continuum NA12013 Module
NA21010 - Developing The Care Continuum (1) NA21010 Module
NA21011 - Developing The Care Continuum (2) NA21011 Module
NA22013 - Developing The Care Continuum (3) NA22013 Module
NA31010 - Managing Complex Conditions (1) NA31010 Module
NA32012 - Managing Complex Conditions (2) NA32012 Module
NB30003 - Enhancing Knowledge and Practice in the Prevention, Management and Control of Infection NB30003 Module
NB30005 & PN50057 - Non-Medical Prescribing NB30005 Module
NB30006 - Mentor Preparation Programme NB30006 Module
NB30007 - Exploring The Learning Experience In Clinical Practice NB30007 Module
NB30013 - Special Study NB30013 Module
NB30018 & PN50133 - Managing Workforce Planning and Development in the Practice Setting NB30018 Module
NB30020 - Advancing Academic Skills NB30020 Module
NB30025 - Communication Issues in Palliative Care NB30025 Module
NB30027 - Challenges of Diabetes Mellitus: Empowerment, Health and Well-Being NB30027 Module
NB30028 - Challenging and Changing the Experience of Pain NB30028 Module
NB30029 - Developing Evidence Based Practice NB30029 Module
NB30031 - Evidence-Based Wound Management NB30031 Module
NB30034 - Management of Aggressive Behaviour NB30034 Module
NB30035 - Palliative Care Perspectives NB30035 Module
NB30036 - Promoting Health and Wellbeing in Contemporary Society NB30036 Module
NB30039 - Applying Evidence to Practice NB30039 Module
NB30047 & PN50107 - Meeting The Needs Of Older People In Diverse Care Settings NB30047 Module
NB30049 & PN50124 - Contemporary Practice In Acute And Critical Care NB30049 Module
NB30052 & PN50116 - Applied Microbiology and Evidence-Based Precautions for IPC NB30052 Module
NB30053 & PN50128 - Improving Quality and Safety through Infection Prevention and Control NB30053 Module
NB30058 - Spirometry NB30058 Module
NB30101 & PN50124 - Acute and Critical Care NB30101 Module
NB30102 - Communication Issues in Palliative Care NB30102 Module
NB30103 & PN50125 - Current Perspectives In Cardiovascular Disease NB30103 Module
NB30104 - Developing Academic Skills for Practice NB30104 Module
NB30105 - Introduction to Research Based Practice (Core Module) NB30105 Module
NB30106 & PN50133 - Managing Workforce Planning NB30106 Module
NB30107 & PN50107 - Meeting The Needs Of Older People In Diverse Settings NB30107 Module
NB30108 - Person-Centred Approaches to Care NB30108 Module
NB30109 - Quality and Clinical Governance in Practice NB30109 Module
NB30110 - Symptom Management in Palliative Care NB30110 Module
NB30111 - Return To Practice Nursing NB30111 Module
NB30112 - Return To Practice Midwifery NB30112 Module
NB30114 Health and Physical Assessment NB30114 Module
NB30115 Understanding Research and Statistics NB30115 Module
NB30116 Leadership in Practice NB30116 Module
NB30117 - Healthcare Eythics and Law NB30117 Module
NB30118 - Quality Improvement and Patient Safety NB30118 Module
NB30119 Learning and Teaching for Practice NB30119 Module
NB30120 - Contemporary Practice In Palliative Care NB30120 Module
NB30122 & PN50149 - Minor Illness Management NB30122 Module
NB30123 - Academic Recognition for Professional Learning NB30123 Module
NB30124 - Assessment of joint pain NB30124 Module
NB30125 & PN50125 - Cardiovacular Disease NB30125_PN50125 Module
NB30126 COPD and Spirometry NB30126 Module
NB30130 - Work Based Skills and Innovative Practice NB30130 Module
NB31004 - Clinical Governance: A Framework for Quality Improvement NB31004 Module
NB31025 - Care of Older People in the Acute Setting NB31025 Module
NB31033 - Leading And Managing Change In Healthcare NB31033 Module
NB32024 - Cancer Perspectives NB32024 Module
NB40100 - Project Module NB40100 Module
NB40113 - Project Module NB40113 Module
NB40131 - Work Based Skills and Innovative Practice NB40131 Module
NC12013 - The Physical and Psychological Development of Children and Young People NC12013 Module
NC21010 - The Nursing of Children and Young People within Healthcare NC21010 Module
NC21011 - Concepts, Principles and Practice of Children's Nursing NC21011 Module
NC22013 - Structured Assessment NC22013 Module
NC22026 - Field 1: Physical And Psychological Development Of Children And Young People NC22026 Module
NC31010 - Evaluating Evidence-based Practice in Complex and/or Palliative Care Situations NC31010 Module
NC32012 - Working across Organisational Boundaries to Ensure Best Practice in a Modern NHS NC32012 Module
NM12013 - Exploring the Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing NM12013 Module
NM21010 - Utilising Psychosocial Theories and Therapeutic Approaches in Mental Health Nursing NM21010 Module
NM21011 - Utilising Neurobiological Theories and Therapeutic Approaches in Mental Health Nursing NM21011 Module
NM22013 - Promoting Holism and Diversity in Mental Health Nursing NM22013 Module
NM22026 - Field 1: Exploring The Fundamentals Of Mental Health Nursing NM22026 Module
NM31010 - Exploring Complexity in Mental Health Nursing NM31010 Module
NM32012 - Developing Autonomy and Independent Practice in Mental Health Nursing NM32012 Module
NU10011 - Understanding Mental Health and Wellbeing NU10011 Module
NU10012 - Understanding Physical Health and Wellbeing NU10012 Module
NU10014 - Skills and Practice (1) NU10014 Module
NU10020 - Skills for Practice 1 NU10020 Module
NU10021 - Academic Skills and Knowledge 1 NU10021 Module
NU11010 - Nature of Nursing (1) NU11010 Module
NU20014 - Skills and Practice (2) NU20014 Module
NU20020 - Skills For Practice 2 NU20020 Module
NU20021 - Academic skills and knowledge 2 NU20021 Module
NU20024 - Understanding Mental Health And Wellbeing NU20024 Module
NU20025 - Understanding Physical Health And Wellbeing NU20025 Module
NU22012 - Nature of Nursing (2) NU22012 Module
NU30011 - Nature of Nursing (3) NU30011 Module
NU30014 - Skills and Practice (3) NU30014 Module
NU30020 Skills for Practice 3 NU30020 Module
NU30021 - Academic Skills And Knowledge 3 NU30021 Module
PN40070 - Fundamental Skills for Practitioners of Infection Prevention and Control PN40070 Module
PN50043 - Advancing Skills in the Practice of Infection Prevention and Control PN50043 Module
PN50046 - Critical Appraisal Skills For Practitioners PN50046 Module
PN50048 - Leadership in Advanced Practice: Personal and Strategic Skills and Knowledge Development PN50048 Module
PN50049 - Demonstrating Competency at Advanced Levels of Practice PN50049 Module
PN50052 - Advanced Practice in Diagnostic Imaging PN50052 Module
PN50055 - Clinical Decision Making for the Musculoskeletal Therapist PN50055 Module
PN50056 - Clinical Decision Making in Neurological Rehabilitation PN50056 Module
PN50058 - Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Practice PN50058 Module
PN50059 - Personal and Professional Development as a Practice Educator PN50059 Module
PN50060 - Clinical Image Reporting PN50060 Module
PN50063 - Reflecting Midwifery PN50063 Module
PN50064 - Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy PN50064 Module
PN50066 - Advancing Therapeutic Interactions in Mental Health Care PN50066 Module
PN50068 - Clinical Assessment for Advanced Practice PN50068 Module
PN50076 - Orthopaedic Image Interpretation PN50076 Module
PN50082 - Quantitative Research Methods PN50082 Module
PN50083 - Clinical Statistics PN50083 Module
PN50084 - Qualitative Methods PN50084 Module
PN50086 - Dissertation Module (Mres) PN50086 Module
PN50088 - Health Systems And Project Management PN50088 Module
PN50089 - Global Health PN50089 Module
PN50090 - Global Communicable Diseases 1 and 2: Addressing the Burden PN50090 Module
PN50091 - Global Communicable Diseases 2: Epidemiology and Control of Priority Diseases PN50091 Module
PN50096 - Developing Research Skills PN50096 Module
PN50097 - Quality Improvement in Action PN50097 Module
PN50098 - Developing Research And Evaluation Skills PN50098 Module
PN50099 - Measuring Quality PN50099 Module
PN50104 - Orientation to Learning: from Practice to Practice PN50104 Module
PN50105 - Learning from Practice for Practice: Understanding Evidence Based Practice PN50105 Module
PN50109 - Contemporary Practice In Acute And Critical Care PN50109 Module
PN50110 - Contemporary Challenges in Healthcare Ethics PN50110 Module
PN50111 - Critical Appraisal Skills PN50111 Module
PN50112 - Leadership PN50112 Module
PN50113 - Learning Teaching and Assessment in Practice PN50113 Module
PN50114 - Quality and Clinical Governance PN50114 Module
PN50115 - Risk and Patient Safety PN50115 Module
PN50116 - Applied Microbiology and Evidence-Based Precautions for IPC PN50116 Module
PN50117 - Clinical Assessment PN50117 Module
PN50118 - Clinical Decision-Making for MSK Therapists PN50118 Module
PN50120 - Communicable Disease Control PN50120 Module
PN50121 - Contemporary Challenges in Health care Ethics PN50121 Module
PN50122 - Contemporary Challenges in Maternal and Infant Nutrition PN50122 Module
PN50123 - Contemporary Challenges in Mental Health Care PN50123 Module
PN50126 - Current Trends in Long Term Conditions (Non-Communicable Diseases) PN50126 Module
PN50127 - Global Perspectives in Maternal and Infant Health PN50127 Module
PN50128 - Improving Quality and Safety in Infection Prevention and Control PN50128 Module
PN50129 - Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy PN50129 Module
PN50130 & NB30051 - Managing the Needs of the Older Person in Diverse Settings PN50130 Module
PN50131 - Person-Centred Approaches to Mental Health Care PN50131 Module
PN50132 - Practice Development: Independent Study PN50132 Module
PN50134 - dissertation PN50134 Module
PN50135 - Academic Recognition for Accredited Continuing Professional Development PN50135 Module
PN50138 - Global Health PN50138 Module
PN50141 - Academic Recognition for Professional Learning PN50141 Module
PN50142 - Exploring Professional Practice PN50142 Module
PN50143 - Research for Practice PN50143 Module
PN50144 - Education for Practice PN50144 Module
PN50145 - Leadership and Change PN50145 Module
PN50147 - Critical Appraisal Skills PN50147 Module
PN50150 - Advanced Clinical Assessment and Decision Making PN50150 Module
PN50152 Advanced mental health assessment PN50152 Module
PN50153 - Advancing practice in primary/community care PN50153 Module
PN50156 - Long term conditions PN50156 Module
PN50159 - Work Based Skills And Innovative Practice PN50159 Module
RD52001 Leadership in Professional Practice RD52001 Module
SS03015 - Global Citizenship And Health SS03015 Module
SS03029 - Introduction to anatomy and physiology for healthcare professionals SS03029 Module
Supporting Patients with Internal Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs) NM_D076 Module

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