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Name Code Type
AC11001 - Introduction to Software Development AC11001 Module
AC11002 - WWW Authoring AC11002 Module
AC11003 - Java Online AC11003 Module
AC12001 & AC22007 - Introduction To Data Structures And Algorithms AC12001 Module
AC12003 - Argumentation and Computers: Tools for Arguing and Critical Thinking AC12003 Module
AC21007 - Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence AC21007 Module
AC21008 - Multi-Paradigm Programming and Data Structures AC21008 Module
AC21009 - Computer Systems 2a: Architecture Fundamentals and UNIX AC21009 Module
AC21010 - Data Visualisation AC21010 Module
AC21011 - Creative Interactions AC21011 Module
AC21012 - Users and interfaces AC21012 Module
AC22003 - Information Technology AC22003 Module
AC22004 - Object Oriented Analysis and Design AC22004 Module
AC22005 - Computer Systems 2b: Architecture and Operating Systems AC22005 Module
AC22006 - Physical Computing AC22006 Module
AC31007 & AC51004 - Agile Software Engineering AC31007 Module
AC31008 - Networks and Data Communications AC31008 Module
AC31009 - Games Programming AC31009 Module
AC31012 Information Security AC31012 Module
AC32005 & AC52013 - Human Computer Interaction AC32005 Module
AC32006 & AC52001 - Database Systems AC32006 Module
AC32007 & AC52009 - Secure Internet Programming AC32007 Module
AC32008 - Theory of Computation AC32008 Module
AC40001 - Individual Project AC40001 Module
AC41001 & AC51008 - Graphics AC41001 Module
AC41002 & AC51007 - Computer Vision AC41002 Module
AC41003 & AC51009 - Multimedia : Audio AC41003 Module
AC41004 - Industrial Team Project AC41004 Module
AC41005 - Work Placement AC41005 Module
AC41007 & AC51005 - Technology Innovation Management AC41007 Module
AC41010 - Work Placement AC41010 Module
AC41011 & AC51011 - Big Data Analysis AC41011 Module
AC41012 & AC51010 & AC51039 - User Experience AC41012 Module
AC42001 & AC42002 & AC52008 & AC52044 - Research Frontiers AC42001 Module
AC50001 - Introduction to Data Mining and Machine Learning AC50001 Module
AC50002 - Programming Languages For Data Engineering AC50002 Module
AC51001 - Internet and Computer Systems AC51001 Module
AC51002 - Software Development AC51002 Module
AC51003 - Software Engineering AC51003 Module
AC51036 - Introduction to Dispute Resolution AC51036 Module
AC51037 - Mediation Practice AC51037 Module
AC51039 - Introduction to Computing the User Experience AC51039 Module
AC51040 - Msc Work Placement AC51040 Module
AC51041 - Devops And Microservices AC51041 Module
AC52001 - Database Systems AC52001 Module
AC52002 - Advanced Programming Techniques AC52002 Module
AC52010 - MSc Project AC52010 Module
AC52012 - Research Methods AC52012 Module
AC52021 - Vision and Perception AC52021 Module
AC52022 - Multi-Agent Systems and Grid Computing AC52022 Module
AC52032 - Design Ethnography 2 AC52032 Module
AC52034 - MSc Intelligent Computational Systems Project AC52034 Module
AC52035 - Business Intelligent Systems AC52035 Module
AC52036 - Relational Database Design AC52036 Module
AC52037 - Dimensional Database Design AC52037 Module
AC52038 - Business Intelligence Systems - Introduction and Overview AC52038 Module
AC52039 - Transactional Database Models and Design AC52039 Module
AC52040 - Analytical Database Models and Design AC52040 Module
AC52043 - Big Data Analysis (Msc Business Intelligence) AC52043 Module
AC52048 - Business Intelligence Systems AC52048 Module
AC52049 - Introduction To Data Science AC52049 Module
AC52050 - Programming Languages For Data Science AC52050 Module
AC53005 - MDX AC53005 Module
AC53006 - Research Project AC53006 Module
AC53008 - ETL - Theory and Practice AC53008 Module
AC53009 - Data Analysis and Visualisation AC53009 Module
AC53010 - Advanced Statistics and Data Mining AC53010 Module
AC53011 - Data Science Research Project AC53011 Module
AC53012 - Data Science Mini Project AC53012 Module
AC53013 - Introduction To Data Mining AC53013 Module
AC53014 - Machine Learning For Data Science AC53014 Module
AD30008 - Production AD30008 Module
AD30009 - Life Drawing AD30009 Module
AD30010 - Research And Development AD30010 Module
AD30011 - Historical And Theoretical Analysis AD30011 Module
AD40001 - Personal Programme Of Study AD40001 Module
AD40002 - Dissertation AD40002 Module
BE21003 - Digital Electronics BE21003 Module
BE22001 - Medical Instrumentation BE22001 Module
BE22002 - Biomechanics And Biomaterials BE22002 Module
BE31001 - Biomedical Signal And Image Processing BE31001 Module
BE31002 - Medical Imaging And Surgical Procedures BE31002 Module
BE31003 Research and Development Skills BE31003 Module
BE32001 Biomedical Engineering Design BE32001 Module
BE32002 - Surgical Technology And Clinical Environment BE32002 Module
BE41001 - Biophotonics BE41001 Module
CA21001 - Introduction to Human Form and Function CA21001 Module
CA21007 - Introductory Anatomy CA21007 Module
CA22001 - Comparative Anatomy CA22001 Module
CA31001 - Embryology CA31001 Module
CA31002 - Histology 1 CA31002 Module
CA31003 - Gross Anatomy 1 CA31003 Module
CA32001 - Histology 2 CA32001 Module
CA32002 - Research Methods CA32002 Module
CA32003 - Gross Anatomy 2 CA32003 Module
CA41001 - Forensic Osteology CA41001 Module
CA41002 - Peri- and Post-Mortem Processes CA41002 Module
CA41003 - Forensic Anthropology Dissertation CA41003 Module
CA41004 - Anatomy Dissertation CA41004 Module
CA41005 - Functional Anatomy of the Limbs CA41005 Module
CA41006 - Vertebral Column CA41006 Module
CA41007 - Regional Gross Anatomy CA41007 Module
CA42001 - Forensic Human Identification CA42001 Module
CA42002 - Forensic Science And The Law CA42002 Module
CA42003 - Neuroanatomy CA42003 Module
CA42004 - Anatomy of the Individual CA42004 Module
CA42005 - Applied Anatomy Topics CA42005 Module
CA50001 - MSci Forensic Anthropology Research Project CA50001 Module
CA50002 - Disaster Victim Identification CA50002 Module
CA51001 - Anatomical Techniques CA51001 Module
CA51002 - Embryology And Developmental Anatomy CA51002 Module
CA51003 - Human Gross Anatomy I CA51003 Module
CA51004 - Developmental Juvenile Osteology CA51004 Module
CA51005 - Research Methodologies CA51005 Module
CA51006 - Medico-Legal Ethics CA51006 Module
CA51007 - Anatomy 1 - Head And Neck CA51007 Module
CA51009 - Research Methods CA51009 Module
CA51010 - Anatomy 2 - Body Systems CA51010 Module
CA51011 - Forensic Osteology CA51011 Module
CA51012 - Peri- and Post Mortem Processes CA51012 Module
CA51013 - Forensic Anthropology as Expert Evidence CA51013 Module
CA51014 - Introduction to Medical Sciences: Anatomy CA51014 Module
CA51016 - Forensic Archaeology 1 CA51016 Module
CA51017 - Forensic Human Osteology CA51017 Module
CA51018 - Trauma And Taphonomy CA51018 Module
CA51020 Research Methods CA51020 Module
CA51021 - Leadership And Professional Development CA51021 Module
CA51022 - Communication And Engagement CA51022 Module
CA52001 - Clinical And Surgical Anatomy Topics CA52001 Module
CA52002 - Neuroanatomy CA52002 Module
CA52003 - Human Gross Anatomy 2 CA52003 Module
CA52006 & BS52004 - Comparative Forensic Osteology CA52006 Module
CA52009 - Forensic Human Identification CA52009 Module
CA52010 - Forensic Science and the Law CA52010 Module
CA52011 - Forensic Facial Imaging Analysis And Comparison CA52011 Module
CA52013 - Forensic Art CA52013 Module
CA52014 - Forensic Archaeology 2 CA52014 Module
CA52015 - Forensic Science And The Law CA52015 Module
CA53001 - Human Anatomy Dissertation CA53001 Module
CA53003 - MSc in Anatomy and Advanced Forensic Anthropology Research Project CA53003 Module
CA53004 - MSc Forensic Anthropology Research Project CA53004 Module
CA53005 - Msc Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology Research Project CA53005 Module
CE11002 - Structural Behaviour & Design CE11002 Module
CE12003 - Professional Engineering Practice CE12003 Module
CE21002 - Civil Engineering Design Software CE21002 Module
CE21003 - Engineering Materials CE21003 Module
CE22001 - Surveying CE22001 Module
CE22002 - Project & Surveying CE22002 Module
CE22003 - Structures CE22003 Module
CE31001 - Civil Engineering Materials and the Environment CE31001 Module
CE31003 - Fluid Mechanics CE31003 Module
CE31005 - Structural Analysis CE31005 Module
CE32002 - Soil Mechanics CE32002 Module
CE32004 - Project CE32004 Module
CE32005 - Conceptual Design Project CE32005 Module
CE32006 - Steel and Concrete Structures CE32006 Module
CE40001 & CE40013 - Individual Research Project CE40001 Module
CE40002 - Geotechnical Design CE40002 Module
CE40003 & EV40001 - Water Resources And Treatment  CE40003 Module
CE40004 - Construction Management I CE40004 Module
CE40005 - Structural Design CE40005 Module
CE40006 - Environmental Hydraulics CE40006 Module
CE40007 - Geo-Environmental Engineering CE40007 Module
CE40008 - Concrete Durability and Repair Technology CE40008 Module
CE40011 - Project Management CE40011 Module
CE40016 & CE50016 - Structural Systems CE40016 Module
CE50001 - Multi-Disciplinary Project CE50001 Module
CE50004 - Sustainable Construction CE50004 Module
CE50005 - Advanced Structural Analysis Ii CE50005 Module
CE50007 - Research Project CE50007 Module
CE50015 - Earthquake Engineering & Concrete Assessment CE50015 Module
CE50017 - Concrete: Design for Durability, Assessment and Repair CE50017 Module
CE50018 - Concrete : Construction Systems I And Ii CE50018 Module
CE50019 - Concrete: Sustainable Use and Environmental Impact Assessment CE50019 Module
CE50023 - Offshore Geotechnical Engineering CE50023 Module
CE50024 - Advanced Soil Mechanics And Geoenvironmental Engineering CE50024 Module
CE50025 - Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering CE50025 Module
CE50028 - Research Methods And Diploma Project CE50028 Module
CE50029 - Project Management CE50029 Module
CE50031 - Hydrodynamics of Fluid-Structure Interaction CE50031 Module
CE50033 – Coastal Processes and Engineering Applications CE50033 Module
CE52002 - Health and Safety and Environmental Management CE52002 Module
Computing the User Experience AC31010, AC41012, AC51010, AC51039 AC31010 Module
EE21001 - Programming for Electronic Engineering EE21001 Module
EE31001 - Analogue Electronic Systems EE31001 Module
EE31002 - Electromagnetics with Transferable Skills EE31002 Module
EE31003 - Communications EE31003 Module
EE32001 - Computer Engineering EE32001 Module
EE32002 - Digital Electronic Systems EE32002 Module
EE32003 - Microelectronics EE32003 Module
EE40001 - CMOS VLSI Chip Design EE40001 Module
EE50002 - Group Project EE50002 Module
EE50004 - Electronic Circuit Design EE50004 Module
EE50009 - Bioelectronics EE50009 Module
EE52010 - Digital Signal Processing EE52010 Module
EG11003 - Science and Engineering Mathematics 1a EG11003 Module
EG11005 - Engineering Project 1 EG11005 Module
EG11006 - Electromagnetism and Circuits EG11006 Module
EG11008 - Mechanics EG11008 Module
EG12003 - Science and Engineering Mathematics 1b EG12003 Module
EG12007 - Engineering Project Ii EG12007 Module
EG21005 - Mathematics for Engineers EG21005 Module
EG21006 - Fluid Mechanics EG21006 Module
EG21007 - Introduction to Programming EG21007 Module
EG22005 - Geomechanics EG22005 Module
EG22009 - Electronics and Instrumentation EG22009 Module
EG22010 - Solid Mechanics EG22010 Module
EG31001 - Mathematics for Engineers II EG31001 Module
EG31002 - Mathematical Methods for Electronic Engineering and Physics EG31002 Module
EG31003 - Electromagnetism and Light EG31003 Module
EG32001 - Control and Dynamical Systems EG32001 Module
EG32002 - Enterprise and Careers EG32002 Module
EG40002 - Advanced Device Technology and Nanoelectronics EG40002 Module
EG40004 - Control And Dynamical Systems Ii EG40004 Module
EG40005 - Electronics Project EG40005 Module
Forensic/Medical Art & Forensic Facial ID FO_D016 Module
GA10001 - Introduction to Civil Engineering with Industrial Experience GA10001 Module
GA10002 - Introduction to Engineering Design and Manufacturing with Industrial Experience GA10002 Module
GA10003 - Introduction to IT Management for Business with Industrial Experience GA10003 Module
GA10004 - Introduction to IT Software Development with Industrial Experience GA10004 Module
GA10005 - Introduction to Business Management with Industrial Experience GA10005 Module
GA20001 - Civil Engineering with Industrial Experience GA20001 Module
GA20002 - Engineering Design and Manufacturing with Industrial Experience GA20002 Module
GA20003 - IT Management for Business with Industrial Experience GA20003 Module
GA20004 - IT Software Development with Industrial Experience GA20004 Module
GA20005 Business management with industrial experience GA20005 Module
GA30001 - Civil Engineering with Industrial Experience GA30001 Module
GA30002 - Advanced Engineering, Design and Manufacturing with Industrial Experience GA30002 Module
GA30003 - Advanced Software Management for Business with Industrial Experience GA30003 Module
GA30004 - Advanced IT Software Development with Industrial Experience GA30004 Module
GA40001 - Engineering Design and Manufacturing Project with Industrial Experience GA40001 Module
GA40002 - IT Management for Business Project with Industrial Experience GA40002 Module
GA40003 - IT Software Development Project with Industrial Experience GA40003 Module
MA11001 - Mathematics 1a MA11001 Module
MA12001 - Mathematics 1b MA12001 Module
MA12002 - Topics in Pure Mathematics MA12002 Module
MA12003 - Statistics and Probability MA12003 Module
MA21001 - Mathematics 2a MA21001 Module
MA21002 - Computer Algebra and Dynamical Systems MA21002 Module
MA21003 - Discrete Mathematics MA21003 Module
MA22001 - Mathematics 2b MA22001 Module
MA22003 - Statistics and Discrete Mathematics MA22003 Module
MA22004 - Statistics II MA22004 Module
MA31002 - Differential Equations MA31002 Module
MA31007 - Vector Calculus MA31007 Module
MA32001 - Analysis MA32001 Module
MA32002 - Mathematical Methods MA32002 Module
MA32003 - Operational Research MA32003 Module
MA32005 - Fundamentals of Scientific Computing MA32005 Module
MA32006 - Complex Analysis MA32006 Module
MA32007 - Differential Geometry MA32007 Module
MA32008 - Graph Theory MA32008 Module
MA32009 - Mathematical Biology I MA32009 Module
MA40001 - Pts And Project Work MA40001 Module
MA40002 - Mathematics And Physics Research Project 1 MA40002 Module
MA41001 - Personal Transferrable Skills MA41001 Module
MA41002 - Mathematical Biology I MA41002 Module
MA41003 - Ordinary Differential Equations and their Approximation MA41003 Module
MA41006 - Mathematics of Fluids and Plasmas 1: Fluid Dynamics MA41006 Module
MA41007 - Graph Theory MA41007 Module
MA42001 - Project MA42001 Module
MA42002 - Mathematical Biology Ii MA42002 Module
MA42003 - Partial Differential Equations and their Approximation MA42003 Module
MA42007 - Mathematics of Fluids and Plasmas 2: MHD and the Sun MA42007 Module
MA50001 Project MA50001 Module
MA51001 - Mathematical Methods MA51001 Module
MA51002 - Computational Modelling and Programming MA51002 Module
MA51003 - Dynamical Systems MA51003 Module
MA51004 - Computational Modelling and Programming MA51004 Module
MA51005 - Stochastic Processes MA51005 Module
MA51006 - Inverse Problems MA51006 Module
MA51007 - Measure Theory MA51007 Module
MA52001 - Mathematical Oncology MA52001 Module
MA52002 - Mathematical Ecology and Epidemiology MA52002 Module
MA52003 - Mathematical Physiology MA52003 Module
MA52004 - Optimization in Finance and Energy MA52004 Module
MA52005 - Advanced Fluid Dynamics MA52005 Module
MA52006 - Functional Analysis MA52006 Module
MA53002 - Msc Project In Mathematics MA53002 Module
MA53003 - Msc Project In Mathematics For The Financial Sector MA53003 Module
ME12001 - Thermodynamics ME12001 Module
ME21001 & BE21001 - Software Applications for Mechanical Engineering Design ME21001 Module
ME21002 - Thermodynamics ME21002 Module
ME22001 - Manufacturing Project ME22001 Module
ME22002 - Mechanics of Machines ME22002 Module
ME30001 - Engineering Design ME30001 Module
ME31001 - Engineering Materials ME31001 Module
ME31002 - Solid Mechanics ME31002 Module
ME32001 - Thermofluids ME32001 Module
ME40001 - Computer Aided Engineering ME40001 Module
ME40002 - Fluid Mechanics ME40002 Module
ME40003 - Robotics and Mechatronics ME40003 Module
ME40004 - Solid Mechanics and Materials ME40004 Module
ME40005 - Mechanical Engineering Honours Project ME40005 Module
ME40006 - Biomedical Research Frontiers ME40006 Module
ME41002 - Biomedical Engineering Project ME41002 Module
ME41003 - Medical Ultrasound System ME41003 Module
ME42001 - Medical Devices And Professional Skills ME42001 Module
ME51006 - Biomechanical Systems ME51006 Module
ME51008 - Biomaterials ME51008 Module
ME51011 - Biomedical Instrumentation ME51011 Module
ME51012 - Medical Image Processing And Analysis ME51012 Module
ME51013 - Advanced Robotics ME51013 Module
ME52001 - Advanced Medical And Surgical Technologies ME52001 Module
ME52002 - Biomedical Engineering Project ME52002 Module
ME52003 - Biomedical Engineering Project (Diploma) ME52003 Module
ME52004 - Advanced Biomedical Imaging Technologies ME52004 Module
ME52005 - Advanced Manufacturing ME52005 Module
ME53001 - Engineering Project And Report (Industrial Placement) ME53001 Module
Medical and Forensic Art & Facial ID FO_D017 Module
Medical and Forensic Art & Facial ID FO_D019 Module
MSc in Forensic and Medical Art FO_D014 Module
PH11002 - Professional Physics PH11002 Module
PH12003 - Space, Physics and Astronomy PH12003 Module
PH12004 - Light and Matter PH12004 Module
PH12005 - Waves and Mechanics PH12005 Module
PH21001 - Electromagnetism and Light PH21001 Module
PH22001 - Classical and Quantum Matter and Radiation PH22001 Module
PH22002 - Mathematics, Mechanics and Optics PH22002 Module
PH31001 - Electricity And Magnetism and EE31002 Electromagnetism with Transferable Skills PH31001 Module
PH31002 - Quantum Mechanics PH31002 Module
PH31003 - Transferable Skills for Physicists PH31003 Module
PH31005 - Quantum Mechanics I PH31005 Module
PH31006 - Experimental & Professional Physics I PH31006 Module
PH31007 - Electrodynamics I PH31007 Module
PH32002 - Optics PH32002 Module
PH32003 - Thermodynamics PH32003 Module
PH32004 - Renewable Energy L3 Physics Laboratory PH32004 Module
PH32005 - Computational Physics I PH32005 Module
PH32006 - Experimental & Professional Physics II PH32006 Module
PH32008 - Quantum Mechanics II: Atoms and Molecules PH32008 Module
PH32009 - Thermal Physics I PH32009 Module
PH32010 - Computational Astrophysics I PH32010 Module
PH32016 - Experimental And Professional Astrophysics Ii PH32016 Module
PH40003 - Physics Project PH40003 Module
PH40004 - Physics Research Project PH40004 Module
PH40005 - Physics Research Project (MSci) PH40005 Module
PH40006 - Physics Project (BSc) PH40006 Module
PH40007 - Physics Investigations (BSc Joint Honours) PH40007 Module
PH41001 - Computational Physics PH41001 Module
PH41002 - Optoelectronics PH41002 Module
PH41003 - Physics Laboratory (Joint Honours) PH41003 Module
PH41005 - Optics and Photonics PH41005 Module
PH41007 - Condensed Matter Physics I PH41007 Module
PH41008 - Stars and Planetary Systems PH41008 Module
PH41009 Galaxies and the Universe PH41009 Module
PH42001 - Materials PH42001 Module
PH42002 - Statistical Mechanics PH42002 Module
PH42003 - Relativity, Cosmology and Particle Physics PH42003 Module
PH42004 - Modern Concepts in Statistical Physics PH42004 Module
PH42006 - Nuclear and Particle Physics PH42006 Module
PH42008 - Classical Mechanics and Relativity PH42008 Module
PH50001 - Research Project PH50001 Module
PH50006 - Introduction to Independent Research PH50006 Module
PH50007 - Research Project II PH50007 Module
PH50008 - Introduction to Independent Research PH50008 Module
PH50009 - Physics Research Project I PH50009 Module
PH51001 - Computational Physics Ii PH51001 Module
PH51003 - Quantum Mechanics Ii PH51003 Module
PH51004 - Foundation Course PH51004 Module
PH51005 - Energy Regulation: Law, Finance And Security Of Supply PH51005 Module
PH51007 - Electrodynamics II PH51007 Module
PH51008 - Quantum Mechanics III PH51008 Module
PH51009 - Introducing Biology to Physicists PH51009 Module
PH52004 - Renewable Technologies I PH52004 Module
PH52005 - Renewable Technologies Ii PH52005 Module
PH52006 - The Hydrogen Economy PH52006 Module
PH52007 - Environmental Modelling PH52007 Module
PH52008 - Project PH52008 Module
PH52009 - Introduction to Independent Research PH52009 Module
PH52010 - Laser Physics and Photonics PH52010 Module
PH52011 - Optics and Photonics II PH52011 Module
PH52012 - Condensed Matter Physics II PH52012 Module
RE21001 - Energy Physics RE21001 Module
RE32001 - Power Engineering RE32001 Module
RE32002 - Electrical Power and the Grid RE32002 Module
RE40001 - Renewable Energy Project RE40001 Module
RE40002 - Renewable Energy Research Project I (Msci) RE40002 Module
RE41001 - Power Station Engineering and the Grid RE41001 Module
RE41002, RE41006 and RE51004 - Solar Energy RE41002 Module
RE41003 - Chemical Energy RE41003 Module
RE42001 - Nuclear Power RE42001 Module
RE42002 - Wind and Marine Energy RE42002 Module
RE42003 - Remote Sensing Principles, Systems and Applications RE42003 Module
RE50001 - Renewable Energy Research Project II (MSci) RE50001 Module
RE50005 - Independent Research for Energy Physics RE50005 Module
RE51001 - Foundation in Renewable Energy RE51001 Module
RE51002 - Topical Developments in Renewable Energy RE51002 Module
RE51003 - Commercial Concepts RE51003 Module
RE52001 - Physical Principals RE52001 Module
RE52002 - Renewable Energy Technologies RE52002 Module
RE52003 - Environmental Modelling RE52003 Module
RE52004 - Renewable Energy Project (MSc) RE52004 Module

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