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Name Code Type
2BL Labs AB_D006 Module
Advanced Certificate In Enterprise & Entrepreneurship GY20001 Module
Anatomy Demonstrators' Site FM_D073 Module
AR11011 - Architecture Studio 1.1.1 AR11011 Module
AR11012 - Architecture Studio 1.1.2 AR11012 Module
AR11015 - Humanities 1.1: Understanding and Communicating Architecture AR11015 Module
AR11016 - Architectural Technology 1: Space Form and Structure AR11016 Module
AR11017 - Design Methods 1: Scale Proportion and Enclosure AR11017 Module
AR12007 - Architecture Studio 1.2 AR12007 Module
AR12008 - Integrated Design 1: Context and Use AR12008 Module
AR12009 - Humanities 1.2: Understanding and Communicating Architecture AR12009 Module
AR21007 - Architecture Studio 2.1 AR21007 Module
AR21008 - Architecture Studio 2.2 AR21008 Module
AR21009 - Humanities 2.1: Between Thinking and Making Modern Architecture in Context AR21009 Module
AR21010 - Architectural Technology 2: Envelope and Environment AR21010 Module
AR21011 - Design Methods 2: Material and Form AR21011 Module
AR22006 - Architecture Studio 2.3 AR22006 Module
AR22007 - Architectural Technology 2 AR22007 Module
AR22008 - Integrated Design 2: Typology and Tectonics AR22008 Module
AR22009 - Humanities 2.2: Between Thinking and Making Modern Architecture in Context AR22009 Module
AR30003 - Conceiving & Constructing Architecture 3 AR30003 Module
AR30005 - Integrated Design 3: Conceiving & Constructing Architecture AR30005 Module
AR30006 - Humanities 3: Contemporary Practice and Precedent AR30006 Module
AR30007 - Urban Theory Analysis and Design AR30007 Module
AR40007 - Integrated Architectural Design AR40007 Module
AR41001 - Urban Theory Analysis and Strategy AR41001 Module
AR50005 - Architectural Thesis AR50005 Module
AR50006 - Renewable Energy In Buildings AR50006 Module
AR50007 - Research Project AR50007 Module
AR51004 - Principles of Sustainable Environment AR51004 Module
AR51005 - Sustainability Assessment (Implications, Indicators & Assessment Methods and the Whole Life Value) AR51005 Module
AR51006 - Sustainable Building In Context AR51006 Module
AR51007 - Advanced Timber Technologies: Sustainability, Design, Manufacture And Construction AR51007 Module
AR51008 - Context for Sustainable Built Environment AR51008 Module
AR52005 - Intelligent Buildings: Stragetic Design and Management AR52005 Module
AR52007 - Zero-Carbon and Low Energy Housing Development: Strategies, Challenges and Design AR52007 Module
AR52008 - Sustainability Monitoring, Prediction And Assessment AR52008 Module
AR52009 - Ways To Study Built Environments AR52009 Module
AR52010 - Research Methods and Research Planning AR52010 Module
AR52011 - Energy Modelling For Low Energy Buildings AR52011 Module
AR52012 - Applied Assessment In Neighbourhood Development And Building Design AR52012 Module
AR53004 - Research Project AR53004 Module
AR53005 - Research Project for MSc Design and Construction AR53005 Module
BMSc Forensic Medicine FM_D069 Module
BU10001 - Specialist Management English For Business BU10001 Module
BU11001 - Introductory Financial Accounting (1FA) BU11001 Module
BU11002 - International Business Environment (1IBE) BU11002 Module
BU11003 - Business Information Systems BU11003 Module
BU11004 - Global Economic Perspectives BU11004 Module
BU11005 - Step up to business BU11005 Module
BU12001 - Introductory Management Accounting (1MA) BU12001 Module
BU12002 - Business Statistics (1BS) BU12002 Module
BU12003 - Business Accounting for Non-Specialists BU12003 Module
BU12004 - Foundations of Economic Analysis BU12004 Module
BU12005 - Foundations of Economic Analysis (Accountancy and Finance) BU12005 Module
BU12006 - Fundamentals of Marketing BU12006 Module
BU12007 - Specialist Management English For Business 2 BU12007 Module
BU12008 - Digitial Business And Innovation BU12008 Module
BU21001 - Financial Decision Analysis (2FD) BU21001 Module
BU21002 - Intermediate Financial Accounting (2FA) BU21002 Module
BU21003 - People and Organisational Behaviour BU21003 Module
BU21004 - Microeconomics BU21004 Module
BU21005 - Economic Ideas: History and Influence BU21005 Module
BU21006 Economics of an unequal world BU21006 Module
BU21008 - The Enterprise Module BU21008 Module
BU22001 - Business Law (2BL) BU22001 Module
BU22002 - Intermediate Management Accounting (2MA) BU22002 Module
BU22003 - Intermediate Financial Management (2FM) BU22003 Module
BU22004 - Management & information Systems (2MS) BU22004 Module
BU22005 - Macroeconomics and Economic Statistics BU22005 Module
BU22007 - Project Manager BU22007 Module
BU22008 Customer Experience in a Digital World BU22008 Module
BU30001 - Advanced Financial Accounting I (3FA) BU30001 Module
BU30002 - Advanced Financial Management (3FM) BU30002 Module
BU30003 - Advanced Management Accounting (3MA) BU30003 Module
BU30004 - Auditing (3AU) BU30004 Module
BU30005 - Taxation (3TX) BU30005 Module
BU30006 - Financial Reporting Theory (3FR) BU30006 Module
BU30007 - International Capital Markets (3IM) BU30007 Module
BU30008 - Strategic Management and Leadership BU30008 Module
BU30009 - Business Strategy and Policy BU30009 Module
BU30010 - Research Methods in Business Management (3RM) BU30010 Module
BU30011 - Examining Business Information Systems BU30011 Module
BU30012 - Business Economic Analysis BU30012 Module
BU30013 - Marketing BU30013 Module
BU30014 - Financial Institutions BU30014 Module
BU30015 - Human Resources BU30015 Module
BU30016 - Microeconomic Analysis BU30016 Module
BU30017 - Macroeconomic Analysis BU30017 Module
BU30018 - Marketing Theory BU30018 Module
BU30019 - Quantitative Methods for Business BU30019 Module
BU30020 - Managing Human Resources BU30020 Module
BU30021 - Introduction to Marketing BU30021 Module
BU30022 - Behavioural Economics BU30022 Module
BU31001 - Econometrics BU31001 Module
BU31002 - Principles of Econometrics BU31002 Module
BU31003 - Microeconomic Analysis For Finance BU31003 Module
BU31004 - Doing business in Scotland BU31004 Module
BU31005 Doing Business in Europe BU31005 Module
BU32001 - Higher Management Accounting BU32001 Module
BU32002 - Applied Econometrics BU32002 Module
BU32003 - Reseach Methods For Accountants BU32003 Module
BU32004 - Entrepreneurial Dundee BU32004 Module
BU32005 - Operations Management in SMEs BU32005 Module
BU40001 - Social Responsibility BU40001 Module
BU40002 - Financial Statement Analysis BU40002 Module
BU40003 - Financial Statement Analysis (4FR) BU40003 Module
BU40005 - Dissertation BU40005 Module
BU40006 - Fiscal Studies (4TX) BU40006 Module
BU40008 - Managing Human Rights (4MH) BU40008 Module
BU40009 - Change Management (4CM) BU40009 Module
BU40010 - Issues in Management Accounting Research (4MA) BU40010 Module
BU40011 - Business Dissertation BU40011 Module
BU40012 - Business Management Project BU40012 Module
BU40013 -The Business of Human Rights BU40013 Module
BU40014 - Understanding and Managing Organisational Space BU40014 Module
BU40015 - Government and Business BU40015 Module
BU40016 - Economics of Globalisation BU40016 Module
BU40017 - International Finance BU40017 Module
BU40018 - Risk and Information BU40018 Module
BU40019 - Business Strategy BU40019 Module
BU40022 - Financial Economic Analysis BU40022 Module
BU40024 - Dissertation BU40024 Module
BU40025 - Marketing Research Project BU40025 Module
BU41002 - Corporate Governance BU41002 Module
BU41004 - Security Analysis BU41004 Module
BU41005 - Acounting and Accountability in the Public Sector BU41005 Module
BU41007 - 4FA - Contemporary Issues in International Reporting BU41007 Module
BU41020 - Microeconomic Policy BU41020 Module
BU41021 - Macroeconomic Theory BU41021 Module
BU41023 - Principles of Marketing Research BU41023 Module
BU42001- Research methods for accountants BU42001 Module
BU42002 - Corporate Restructuring & Finance BU42002 Module
BU42003 - Portfolio Management BU42003 Module
BU42004 - Crisis Management and Risk BU42004 Module
BU42007 - 4FA Financial Assurance and Ethics BU42007 Module
BU42008 - Branding and Marketing Communications BU42008 Module
BU42009 - Managing Teams and Individuals in a Multicultural World BU42009 Module
BU42010 - Creative Interventions for Change and Innovation BU42010 Module
BU42020 - Macroeconomic Policy BU42020 Module
BU42021 - MIcroeconomic Theory BU42021 Module
BU42044 - Risk and Crisis Management BU42044 Module
BU51001 - Corporate Governance (5CG) BU51001 Module
BU51002 - Corporate Finance (5CF) BU51002 Module
BU51003 - Audit, Assurance and Professional Ethics (5AU) BU51003 Module
BU51004 - Professional Management Accounting (5MA) BU51004 Module
BU51005 - Tax Compliance and Fiscal Studies (5TX) BU51005 Module
BU51006 - Performance Measurement and Reporting (5PMR) BU51006 Module
BU51007 - Foundation Management and Business Statistics (5MB) BU51007 Module
BU51008 - Operations Management and Change (5OM) BU51008 Module
BU51009 - Business Accounting for Non-Specialists (5BA) BU51009 Module
BU51010 - Foundation Banking, Finance and Statistics for Business BU51010 Module
BU51011 - International Banking BU51011 Module
BU51012 - Current Issues in Banking and Finance BU51012 Module
BU51013 - Global Financial Markets BU51013 Module
BU51014 - Internationalisation Strategies BU51014 Module
BU51015 - Principles Of Marketing Practice BU51015 Module
BU51016 - International Business Strategy BU51016 Module
BU51017 - Experience Design BU51017 Module
BU51018 - Human Resource Management Strategies BU51018 Module
BU51019 - International Business Finance BU51019 Module
BU51020 - Foundation Economics and Statistics for Business BU51020 Module
BU51021 - Derivatives and Risk Management BU51021 Module
BU51022 - Islamic Capital Markets BU51022 Module
BU51023 - Accounting And Auditing In Islamic Banking And Finance BU51023 Module
BU51024 - Managing People and Organisations BU51024 Module
BU51025 - Search Marketing BU51025 Module
BU51026 - Place Branding For Cities, Regions And Countries BU51026 Module
BU51027 - Cross-Cultural Management BU51027 Module
BU51028 - Readings In Professional Accountancy BU51028 Module
BU51029 Financial statements and analysis BU51029 Module
BU51030 - Digital Asset Management, BU51030 Module
BU51031 - Managing and Leading in Sports BU51031 Module
BU52001 - Research Methods BU52001 Module
BU52002 - Quantitative Methods (5QM) BU52002 Module
BU52003 - Readings In A Specialist Research Area In Accounting & Finance BU52003 Module
BU52004 - Contemporary Accounting Issues (5AC) BU52004 Module
BU52005 - International Accounting and Financial Reporting (5IA) BU52005 Module
BU52006 - Global Risk Analysis (5GR) BU52006 Module
BU52007 - Professional Financial Reporting Practice (5FA) BU52007 Module
BU52008 - Marketing Management and Strategy (5MMS) BU52008 Module
BU52009 - Bank Modelling and Performance Analysis BU52009 Module
BU52010 - Dissertation BU52010 Module
BU52011 - Econometrics For Finance (5EF) BU52011 Module
BU52012 - Emerging Financial Markets and Investment (5EM) BU52012 Module
BU52013 - Strategic Management Accounting (5SMA) BU52013 Module
BU52014 - Banking and Finance Project BU52014 Module
BU52015 - Research Methods BU52015 Module
BU52016 - Quantitative Methods BU52016 Module
BU52017 - Econometrics For Finance BU52017 Module
BU52018 - Applied Business Statistics BU52018 Module
BU52019 - Strategic Decisions for Business BU52019 Module
BU52020 - International Business Project BU52020 Module
BU52021 - International Human Resource Management BU52021 Module
BU52022 - Applied Business and Marketing Research BU52022 Module
BU52023 - Forecasting for Business and Finance BU52023 Module
BU52024 - Behavioural Insights for Managers BU52024 Module
BU52025 - Digital Marketing BU52025 Module
BU52026 - Islamic Business Project Report BU52026 Module
BU52027 - Islamic Moral Economy And Finance BU52027 Module
BU52028 - Islamic Commercial Law And Financial Transactions BU52028 Module
BU52029 - Risk Management In Islamic Banking And Finance BU52029 Module
BU52030 - Applied Islamic Banking And Insurance BU52030 Module
BU52031 - Strategic Management and Organisation Analysis BU52031 Module
BU52032 - Project Management Processes BU52032 Module
BU52033 - Leadership and Decision Making BU52033 Module
BU52034 - Stakeholder Management and Business Ethics BU52034 Module
BU52035 - Risk and Crisis Management BU52035 Module
BU52036 - International Finance Project BU52036 Module
BU52038 - Applied Marketing Research And Insight BU52038 Module
BU52039 - Brand Management And Strategy BU52039 Module
BU52040 - Practicing Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Business BU52040 Module
BU52041 - Understanding Entrepreneurship in a Global Context BU52041 Module
BU52042 - Security analysis and equity valuation BU52042 Module
BU52043 - Investment management BU52043 Module
BU52044 - Corporate Social Reporting BU52044 Module
BU52045 - Managing the Multinational Enterprise BU52045 Module
BU52046 - Managing the Multinational enterprise BU52046 Module
BU52047 - Private equity and venture capital BU52047 Module
BU52048 - Financial Regulation And Ethics BU52048 Module
BU53001 - Professional Financial Management (5FM) BU53001 Module
BU53002 - Professional Accountancy Project BU53002 Module
BU53003 - Management Project Report BU53003 Module
BU53033 - Management Project BU53033 Module
CP30001 - Energy Law CP30001 Module
CP30002 - International Oil And Gas Law CP30002 Module
CP30003 - National Oil And Gas Law CP30003 Module
CP40001 - Energy Law CP40001 Module
CP40002 - International Oil And Gas Law CP40002 Module
CP40003 - National Oil And Gas Law CP40003 Module
CP50001 - Natural Resources Sectors: A Multidisciplinary Introduction CP50001 Module
CP50003 - Dissertation CP50003 Module
CP50005 - International Petroleum Law and Policy (By Distance Learning) CP50005 Module
CP50006 - Mineral and Petroleum Taxation (By Distance Learning) CP50006 Module
CP50007 - Petroleum Policy and Economics (By Distance Learning) CP50007 Module
CP50008 - Investment Decision Making in the Energy & Mining Industries (Distance Learning) CP50008 Module
CP50012 - Environmental Law and Policy for Natural Resources and Energy (By Distance Learning) CP50012 Module
CP50013 - Legal Framework for International Project Finance (By Distance Learning) CP50013 Module
CP50014 - Mineral Resources Policy and Economics (By Distance Learning) CP50014 Module
CP50033 - Downstream Energy Law and Policy (By Distance Learning) CP50033 Module
CP50034 - Directed Reading (By Distance Learning) CP50034 Module
CP50035 - Directed Reading (By Distance Learning) CP50035 Module
CP50037 - Energy Economics: the Issues (By Distance Learning) CP50037 Module
CP50038 - Energy Economics: the Tools (By Distance Learning) CP50038 Module
CP50039 - Critical Business Analysis & Report CP50039 Module
CP50040 - International and Comparative Mineral Law and Policy (By Distance Learning) CP50040 Module
CP50041 - Financial and Project Analysis of Natural Resources and Energy Ventures (By Distance Learning) CP50041 Module
CP50042 - Foundation Financial Accounting (By Distance Learning) CP50042 Module
CP50043 - Strategic Management And Organisational Analysis (By Distance Learning) CP50043 Module
CP50044 - Introduction To Finance (By Distance Learning) CP50044 Module
CP50045 - Management In Energy And Natural Resources Industries (By Distance Learning) CP50045 Module
CP50046 - Human Resources Management (By Distance Learning) CP50046 Module
CP50047 - Energy, Environment And Sustainable Development - Economics And Policy Issues CP50047 Module
CP50048 - International Law Of Natural Resources And Energy (By Distance Learning} CP50048 Module
CP50049 - National And Comparative Oil And Gas Law By Distance Learning CP50049 Module
CP50051 - Project Report CP50051 Module
CP51002 - Downstream Energy Law and Policy CP51002 Module
CP51003 Analytical Tools for Energy Economics CP51003 Module
CP51004 - Financial and Project Analysis of Natural Resources and Energy Ventures CP51004 Module
CP51005 - International Petroleum Law and Policy CP51005 Module
CP51007 - International Law of Natural Resources and Energy CP51007 Module
CP51009 - Petroleum Policy and Economics CP51009 Module
CP51012 - Internship Paper CP51012 Module
CP51013 - Internship Report CP51013 Module
CP51014 - Directed Reading CP51014 Module
CP51015 - Directed Reading CP51015 Module
CP51016 - Managing People and Organisations CP51016 Module
CP51019 - International Arbitration CP51019 Module
CP51021 - Commodity Trading and Strategic Asset Optimisation in the Energy Industry CP51021 Module
CP51025 - International Nuclear Energy Law CP51025 Module
CP51026 - Public Policies for Natural Resource-Based Development CP51026 Module
CP51035 - Management in Energy and Natural Resources Industries CP51035 Module
CP51036 - Foundation Financial Accounting CP51036 Module
CP51039 - National and Comparative Oil and Gas Law CP51039 Module
CP51041 - Environmental and Climate Change Economics and Policy CP51041 Module
CP51042 - The European Energy Union in the international energy transition CP51042 Module
CP51043 Energy & Climate Science, Policy & Litigation CP51043 Module
CP51044 Just Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy CP51044 Module
CP51045 Sustainability & the Just Transition for the Mining Sector CP51045 Module
CP51046 - Law and Policy of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Technology CP51046 Module
CP52002 - Energy Economics: the Issues CP52002 Module
CP52003 - Environmental Law and Policy for Natural Resources and Energy CP52003 Module
CP52005 - International Developments in Energy Policy CP52005 Module
CP52007 - Legal Framework for International Project Finance CP52007 Module
CP52008 - International Relations and Energy and Natural Resources CP52008 Module
CP52009 - Mineral and Petroleum Taxation CP52009 Module
CP52010 - Mining Law from a Global Perspective CP52010 Module
CP52014 - Commercial Contracts in the International Oil and Gas Industry CP52014 Module
CP52015 - Risk Analysis for Energy and Mining Investment Decision Making CP52015 Module
CP52020 - International Dispute Settlement CP52020 Module
CP52021 - Modern Practice in Petroleum Licensing CP52021 Module
CP52022 - Mineral Resources Policy and Economics CP52022 Module
CP52023 - Transnational Investment Law and Policy CP52023 Module
CP52025 - Marketing CP52025 Module
CP52027 - Mining Agreements CP52027 Module
CP52033 - Economics of Regulation and Restructuring of Energy Industries CP52033 Module
CP52037 - Corporate Social Responsibility and the Extractive Industries CP52037 Module
CP52040 - Extractive Industries Revenue Management CP52040 Module
CP52041 - Business Strategy in the Extractive Industries CP52041 Module
CP52044 - Strategic Management & Organisational Analysis CP52044 Module
CP52048 - Foundation Accounting CP52048 Module
CP52051 - Foundation Finance CP52051 Module
CP52055 - Project Management Processes in the Natural Resources Sector CP52055 Module
CP52056 - Introduction To Finance CP52056 Module
CP52058 - Energy and Climate Change Law and Policy CP52058 Module
CP52059 - Oil and Gas Law - Commercial Contracts Matrix CP52059 Module
CP52061 - Politics of the Environment and Climate Change CP52061 Module
CP52062 - Stakeholder Management and Business Ethics CP52062 Module
CP52063 - Renewable Energy: Technology, Economics and Policy CP52063 Module
CP52064 - Transatlantic Negotiation Simulation Exercise CP52064 Module
CP52065 - International Arbitration: Practical Exercises CP52065 Module
CP52066 - International Law: Transnational Legal Problems Facing Extractive Industries CP52066 Module
CP52067 - Business and Human Rights Law and Policy in Oil, Gas and Mining CP52067 Module
CP52069 - Quantitative Methods for Energy Economists CP52069 Module
CP52071 - Economics of Electric Power CP52071 Module
CP52072 - Structuring And Documenting International Mining Transactions CP52072 Module
CP52073 - Commodity Trading And Strategic Asset Optimisation In The Energy Industry CP52073 Module
CP52074 - Extractive Industry Revenue Management And Governance CP52074 Module
CP52075 - Principles of Sustainability CP52075 Module
EC50010 - Investment Appraisal and Financial Markets EC50010 Module
EH11006 - Politics And Public Policy EH11006 Module
EH22009 - Devolution In Comparison: The UK, Europe and Beyond EH22009 Module
EH31003 - The Politics Of The United Nations EH31003 Module
EV10001 - Introduction To The Global Environment EV10001 Module
EV11001 - The Physical Environment EV11001 Module
EV12002 - Environments For Life EV12002 Module
EV21001 - Management And Monitoring EV21001 Module
EV22002 - Mechanisms And Measurements EV22002 Module
EV31003 - Environmental Remote Sensing EV31003 Module
EV31004 - Biogeography EV31004 Module
EV32001 - Reconstructing Past Environments EV32001 Module
EV32003 - Environment And Conservation: An Issues Approach EV32003 Module
EV40001 - Water Resources And Treatment EV40001 Module
EV41004 - Dissertation EV41004 Module
EV41005 - Environmental Change, Natural Resource Use And Sustainability EV41005 Module
EV41006 Environmental Sustainability In Practice EV41006 Module
EV42002 - Biodiversity & Sustainability in World Agriculture EV42002 Module
EV42003 - Reconstructing Past Environments EV42003 Module
FM30000 - Forensic Medicine (Elements 1 & 2) FM30000 Module
GE11001 - Introduction to Geography Part 1: The Unequal World GE11001 Module
GE12002 - Introduction to Geography Part 2: Environment the City and Society GE12002 Module
GE21001 - Dynamic Human Worlds: Society, Culture, Economy GE21001 Module
GE22002 - Dynamic Physical Worlds: Earth, Water And Ice GE22002 Module
GE22003 - Geography Field Course (UK) GE22003 Module
GE31002 - Glacial Processes And Environments GE31002 Module
GE31004 - Hydrology And Water Resources GE31004 Module
GE31013 - Geographies of Health and Disability GE31013 Module
GE31017 - Geographies Of Children And Youth GE31017 Module
GE31018 - Water Hazards And Risk GE31018 Module
GE31019 - Research Methods In Human Geography GE31019 Module
GE31020 - Field And Laboratory Skills In Physical Geography GE31020 Module
GE31021 - International Field Research GE31021 Module
GE31022 - Environmental Criminology GE31022 Module
GE32001 - Migration And Ethnicity GE32001 Module
GE32012 & GE42010 - Geographical Information Systems GE32012 Module
GE32014 - Geographies Of Power GE32014 Module
GE32018 - Cities: People, Places And Conflict GE32018 Module
GE32019 - Tourism, Transnationalism And Mobility GE32019 Module
GE32020 - Key Ideas In Geography GE32020 Module
GE32021 - Data Handling And Statistics GE32021 Module
GE32022 - Social Resilience: Environment, Welfare and Communities GE32022 Module
GE32023 & GE42023 - Wellbeing and Welfare GE32023 Module
GE32024 - Water Resource Assessment And Development GE32024 Module
GE32025 - Advanced Field Research (Physical Environments) GE32025 Module
GE32026 / GE42024 - (Advanced) Polar Environments GE32026 Module
GE41006 & EV41004 - Dissertation GE41006 Module
GE41007 - Advanced Hydrology And Water Resources GE41007 Module
GE41008 - Advanced Environmental Criminology GE41008 Module
GE41012 - Advanced Geographies of Health and Disability GE41012 Module
GE41013 - Advanced Glacial Processes And Environments GE41013 Module
GE41014 - Advanced Geographies Of Children And Youth GE41014 Module
GE41015 - Advanced Water Hazards And Risk GE41015 Module
GE41016 - Understanding Climate Change GE41016 Module
GE42001 - Catchment Sediment Dynamics GE42001 Module
GE42003 - Geographic Thought Ii: The Critical Reading And Review Essay Course GE42003 Module
GE42010 - Geographical Information Systems (Advanced) GE42010 Module
GE42015 - Advanced Geographies of Power GE42015 Module
GE42018 - Migration And Ethnicity (Advanced) GE42018 Module
GE42020 - Cities: People, Places And Conflict (Advanced) GE42020 Module
GE42021 - Advanced Tourism, Transnationalism And Mobility GE42021 Module
GE42022 - Advanced Social Resilience: Environment, Welfare and Communities GE42022 Module
GE42023 - Advanced Wellbeing and Welfare GE42023 Module
GE50008 - Individual Project GE50008 Module
GE50009 - Dissertation GE50009 Module
GE51011 - Research Training And Project Planning GE51011 Module
GE51012 - Applied Theoretical Approaches In Social Science GE51012 Module
GE51013 - Quantitative Methods in Social Research GE51013 Module
GE51020 - Catchment Management Principles and Practice GE51020 Module
GE51021 - Advanced Catchment Hydrology GE51021 Module
GE51022 - Environmental Modelling and Monitoring with Spatial Data GE51022 Module
GE51023 - Field Methods and Skills GE51023 Module
GE51024 - Water Hazard Geoscience GE51024 Module
GE51025 - Hydrological Monitoring and Modelling GE51025 Module
GE51026 - Principles of Sustainability GE51026 Module
GE52010 - Qualitative Methods In Social Research GE52010 Module
GE52019 - Gis for Analysis of Population GE52019 Module
GE52021 - Hydro Power & Water Resources GE52021 Module
GE52023 - Environmental Monitoring and Modelling GE52023 Module
GE52024 - Applied GIS and Geospatial Data Analysis GE52024 Module
GE52025 - Spatial Analysis and Modelling with GIS GE52025 Module
GE52026 - Environmental Change Monitoring GE52026 Module
GE52027 - Population and Welfare GE52027 Module
GE52028 - Population Vulnerability and Resilience GE52028 Module
GE52029 - Hydrological Applications GE52029 Module
GE52030 - Research in Practice GE52030 Module
GE52031 - Transformation for Sustainability GE52031 Module
GE52032 - Freshwater Wetlands And Ecosystem Services: Science And Society GE52032 Module
GE53001 - Marine Spatial Planning GE53001 Module
HT40003 - Architectural Humanities 4 HT40003 Module
HU11001 - Human Futures HU11001 Module
HU12001 - The Globalizing World HU12001 Module
HY32002 - Political and Social History of Modern India HY32002 Module
LLM in International Dispute Resolution LW_D013 Module
LW11010 & LW21013 - Foundations of Law LW11010 Module
LW11011 - Private Law of Scotland i LW11011 Module
LW11012 & LW21015 - Public Law i - Sources of Power LW11012 Module
LW12010 - Scots Criminal Law & Evidence LW12010 Module
LW12011 - Private Law of Scotland ii LW12011 Module
LW12012 & LW22014 - Public Law ii - Controls on Power LW12012 Module
LW21002 & LW31036 - Commercial Law i LW21002 Module
LW21003 - Scottish Property Law LW21003 Module
LW21014 - English Law of Contract LW21014 Module
LW21016 & LW31031 - Public Law iii - Rights and Freedoms LW21016 Module
LW22012 - English Criminal Law and Evidence LW22012 Module
LW22013 - English Law of Tort LW22013 Module
LW22015 - Law, Society and Human Rights LW22015 Module
LW22016 - Roman Law LW22016 Module
LW22017 - Comparative Scottish and English Family Law LW22017 Module
LW22018 - Law Clinic Foundations LW22018 Module
LW22019 - Scottish Family Law LW22019 Module
LW22020 - Law, Technology and Innovation LW22020 Module
LW31002 & LW41016 - Justice Law & Human Rights LW31002 Module
LW31003 & LW42023 - Law Family & Society LW31003 Module
LW31010 & LW41020 - Employment Law LW31010 Module
LW31011 & LW42025 - European Union Law - Current Issues LW31011 Module
LW31015 & LW41022 - Planning Law LW31015 Module
LW31023 & LW42026 - Criminal Procedure LW31023 Module
LW31024 & LW41015 - Private International Law LW31024 Module
LW31025 & LW42022 - English Criminal Law and Process LW31025 Module
LW31026 & LW41017 - English Law of Obligations LW31026 Module
LW31029 & LW42006 - Environmental Law LW31029 Module
LW31030 & LW41019 - English Law of Equity and Trusts Dual Qualifying LW31030 Module
LW31032 & LW41023 - Terrorism and the Law LW31032 Module
LW31033 & LW41024 - Foundations of International Criminal Law LW31033 Module
LW31034 & LW41010 - Human Rights And Civil Liberties LW41010 Module
LW31035 & LW41025 - Legal History LW31035 Module
LW31037 & LW41026 - Neighbourhood Law LW31037 Module
LW31038 & LW41027 - Law in Practice LW31038 Module
LW31039 & LW41028 - Taxation Law LW31039 Module
LW31040 and LW41029 - Energy Projects and Environmental Law LW31040 Module
LW31041 & LW41030 - Freedom of Information LW31041 Module
LW32016 & LW41018 - International Law LW32016 Module
LW32020 & LW42019 - Real Estate & Commercial Practice LW32020 Module
LW32025 & LW42015 - International Law of Marine Resources LW32025 Module
LW32026 & LW41001 - Company Law LW32026 Module
LW32027 & LW42010 - Intellectual Property Law LW32027 Module
LW32028 & LW42024 - English Law of Property LW32028 Module
LW32029 & LW41021 - Student Law Clinic LW32029 Module
LW32030 & LW42027 - Corporate Governance LW32030 Module
LW32031 & LW42028 - Scots Property Law LW42028 Module
LW32032 & LW42029 - Reparation LW32032 Module
LW32033 & LW42030 - Competition Law LW32033 Module
LW32035 & LW42032 - Constitutional Theory LW32035 Module
LW40001 - Dissertation LW40001 Module
LW40002 - Telders Moot LW40002 Module
LW41022 & LW31015 - Planning Law (Advanced) LW41022 Module
LW50009 - Dissertation LW50009 Module
LW50101 - Company and Commercial Law LW50101 Module
LW50102 - Conveyancing LW50102 Module
LW50103 - Business and Financial Services LW50103 Module
LW50105 - Private Client LW50105 Module
LW50106 - Public Administration LW50106 Module
LW50107 - Masters Dissertation LW50107 Module
LW50108 - Legal Research Skills LW50108 Module
LW51007 - Corporate Governance LW51007 Module
LW51101 - Criminal Court Practice LW51101 Module
LW51102 - Legal Aspects of Healthcare LW51102 Module
LW51104 - Legal Research Skills LW51104 Module
LW51105 - Controversies in Healthcare Law and Ethics LW51105 Module
LW51106 - Legal and Ethical Issues Concerning Pharmaceutical Products LW51106 Module
LW51109 - Treating Children and Incompetent Adults LW51109 Module
LW51110 - Introduction to Law and Ethics LW51110 Module
LW51111 - Private International Law of Business Transactions LW51111 Module
LW51115 - Environmental Regulation LW51115 Module
LW51117 - International Family Law LW51117 Module
LW51120 - Individual Criminal Liability in International Law LW51120 Module
LW51123 - International Law and Security LW51123 Module
LW51127 - Transnational Crime and Counter Terrorism LW51127 Module
LW51128 - Global Human Rights LW51128 Module
LW51133 - Private International Law (Common Law Perspectives) LW51133 Module
LW51138 - Professional Practice LW51138 Module
LW51144 - Public International Law LW51144 Module
LW51145 - Legal Frameworks For Water Resource Management LW51145 Module
LW51146 - International Investment Law LW51146 Module
LW52003 - Principles of Corporate Law LW52003 Module
LW52004 - Banking & Financial Services Law LW52004 Module
LW52005 - Competition Law LW52005 Module
LW52006 - Sustainable Development LW52006 Module
LW52010 - Private International Law (theories and Principles) LW52010 Module
LW52011 - Regional Human Rights Systems LW52011 Module
LW52014 - Advanced Private Client LW52014 Module
LW52016 - Negotation and Mediation LW52016 Module
LW52017 - Family Law LW52017 Module
LW52022 - UN Human Rights Law LW52022 Module
LW52024 - International Law of Marine Resources LW52024 Module
LW52029 - Law Clinic Elective LW52029 Module
LW52101 - Civil Court Practice LW52101 Module
LW52103 - Principles of E-Commerce Law LW52103 Module
LW52104 - Legal Research Skills LW52104 Module
LW52105 - Controversies in Healthcare Law and Ethics LW52105 Module
LW52106 - Legal and Ethical Issues Concerning Pharmaceutical Products LW52106 Module
LW52109 - Treating Children and Incompetent Adults LW52109 Module
LW52110 - Legal Aspects of Healthcare LW52110 Module
LW52111 - Intellectual Property Law LW52111 Module
LW52115 - Ecosystems and International Law LW52115 Module
LW52120 - Principles of International Contract LW52120 Module
LW52121 - Introduction to Law and Ethics LW52121 Module
LW52122 - International Dispute Resolution LW52122 Module
LW52124 - International Insolvency Law LW52124 Module
LW52132 - World Trade Organisation Law LW52132 Module
LW52133 - Employment Law LW52133 Module
LW52134 - Advanced Advocacy LW52134 Module
LW52135 - International Taxation Law LW52135 Module
LW52136 - Personal Injury Elective LW52136 Module
LW52137 - Renewable Energy Elective LW52137 Module
LW52138 - Governance and Regulation of Water Services LW52138 Module
LW53003 - International Commercial Arbitration LW53003 Module
Master of Forensic Odontology FM_D072 Module
MFM & BMSc Forensic Medicine FM_D070 Module
MFM & BMSc Forensic Science FM_D071 Module
MSc Zero Carbon Buildings AR_D009 Module
Planning for Sustainable Places UP11004 Module
PO11001 - Politics And Public Policy PO11001 Module
PO12004 Global Challenges PO12004 Module
PO21001 - International Relations PO21001 Module
PO22002 - Comparative Politics PO22002 Module
PO22003 - Devolution in Comparison: The UK, Europe and Beyond PO22003 Module
PO30001 - European Integration: History Theories Institutions and Policies PO30001 Module
PO31002 - Governing The Usa PO31002 Module
PO31003 - Indian Politics PO31003 Module
PO31008 - Contemporary Politics In Ireland PO31008 Module
PO31011 - The Collapse Of The Soviet Union: 1985-91 PO31011 Module
PO31012 - The Politics Of The United Nations PO31012 Module
PO31014 - Britain and the European Union PO31014 Module
PO31015 - Foreign Policy Analysis: Theory and Skills PO31015 Module
PO31016 - Studying Human Rights PO31016 Module
PO31017 - Nations And Nationalism PO31017 Module
PO31018 - Contemporary politics of surveillance and privacy PO31018 Module
PO31019 Global Politics of Sustainability PO31019 Module
PO32003 - The Politics Of Transatlantic Relations PO32003 Module
PO32005 - Theorising Politics PO32005 Module
PO32007 - European Union Politics & Simulation PO32007 Module
PO32012 - Contemporary African Politics PO32012 Module
PO32013 - Democratic Theory And Practice PO32013 Module
PO40001 - Europe and its Neighbourhood ? Democratization, Upheaval and Stability PO40001 Module
PO40006 - Dissertation PO40006 Module
PO41002 - The Foreign Policy of the United States PO41002 Module
PO41004 - International Peacekeeping PO41004 Module
PO41009 - Russian Politics In Transition PO41009 Module
PO41010 - Modern South Africa: Apartheid, African Liberation and Democracy PO41010 Module
PO41011 - Politics Of The Middle East PO41011 Module
PO42001 - Gender, Power And Sexuality PO42001 Module
PO42009 - Surveillance In A Post 9/11 World PO42009 Module
PO42011 - The Global Politics Of Illegal Drugs PO42011 Module
PO42013 - Studying Human Rights PO42013 Module
PO42014 - Europe And International Security PO42014 Module
PO42016 - EU-China Relations PO42016 Module
PO42017 - Human Rights Advocacy: Theory And Praxis PO42017 Module
PO42018 - Humanitarian Intervention PO42018 Module
PO50001 - Terrorism And Counter-Terrorism: A Challenge For Oil And Gas? PO50001 Module
PO50002 - International Security of Natural Resources PO50002 Module
PO51001 - Explaining and Understanding International Politics PO51001 Module
PO51003 - International Security PO51003 Module
PO51004 - Research Project (with Integrated Internship) PO51004 Module
PO51006 - European Union Security PO51006 Module
PO51009 - Middle East and Terrorism PO51009 Module
PO51010 - Politics and Security in South Asia PO51010 Module
PO52009 - Russian Politics and Security PO52009 Module
PO52012 - European Integration and its Critics PO52012 Module
PO52013 - International Security of Drugs & Organised Crime PO52013 Module
PO52014 - Globalisation Contemporary Themes and Controversies PO52014 Module
PO52016 - Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in Europe PO52016 Module
PO52017 - Human Rights in International Relations PO52017 Module
PO52018 - The EU and China in the International Arena PO52018 Module
PO52019 - Human Rights And Conflict: Responding To War And Mass Atrocities PO52019 Module
PO52020 - Addressing Communal Conflict PO52020 Module
PO53001 - Dissertation PO53001 Module
PY11001 - Introductory Psychology: 1 PY11001 Module
PY12002 - Introductory Psychology: 2 PY12002 Module
PY21001 - Understanding the Mind PY21001 Module
PY22002 - Individual Development PY22002 Module
PY22003 - Research Skills for Psychologists PY22003 Module
PY31001 - Cognition PY31001 Module
PY31002 - Biological Psychology PY31002 Module
PY31003 - Social Psychology PY31003 Module
PY31004 - Psychological Research Skills 3a PY31004 Module
PY32001 - Individual Differences and Abnormal Psychology PY32001 Module
PY32002 - Psychology of Language PY32002 Module
PY32003 - Developmental Psychology PY32003 Module
PY32004 - Psychological Research Skills 3b PY32004 Module
PY40004 & PY50404 - Reading Development and Disability PY40004 Module
PY40005 - Science and Psychology PY40005 Module
PY40008 & PY50408 - Infant Development PY40008 Module
PY40010 & PY50410 - Social Cognitive Development PY40010 Module
PY40012, PY50412 & PY51007 - Cognitive Neuroscience PY40012 Module
PY40014 & PY50414 - Cognitive Science and Psycholinguistics PY40014 Module
PY40015 - Dissertation PY40015 Module
PY40018 - Developmental Psychopathology PY40018 Module
PY40022 & PY50422 - Vision in the Real World PY40022 Module
PY40024 & PY50424 - Decision Making PY40024 Module
PY40025 & PY50425 - Second Language Processing PY40025 Module
PY40028 & PY50428 - Gesture, Cognition and Communication PY40028 Module
PY40029 & PY50429 - Foundations of Adult Mental Health PY40029 Module
PY40030 & PY50430 - Majorities and Minorities PY40030 Module
PY40031 & PY50001 - The Development of Self-Awareness PY40031 Module
PY40034 & PY50434 - Evolution and Behaviour PY40034 Module
PY40035 & PY50435 - The Psychology of Everyday Life PY40035 Module
PY40036 & PY50436 - Health in Groups PY40036 Module
PY40037 & PY50437 - Executive Functions across the Lifespan PY40037 Module
PY40039 & PY50439 - Comparative Communication And Cognition PY40039 Module
PY40040 & PY50440 - Altered States Of Consciousness PY40040 Module
PY40041 & PY50441 - Social, Emotional And Moral Development PY40041 Module
PY40042 - Development Of Complex Cognition PY40042 Module
PY41002 - Service Learning: Supporting Schools With Effective Learning Strategies PY41002 Module
PY42001 & PY52009 Self-Regulation PY42001 Module
PY50003 & PY50433 - Research in Practice PY50003 Module
PY50005 - Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Mini Project PY50005 Module
PY50006 - Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Research Dissertation PY50006 Module
PY50407 - Eye Movements and Cognition PY50407 Module
PY50418 - Developmental Psychopathology PY50418 Module
PY50429 - Foundations Of Adult Mental Health PY50429 Module
PY50431 - Eye Movements and Cognition PY50431 Module
PY50432 - Current Issues in Psychological Health Care PY50432 Module
PY51001 - Research Foundations PY51001 Module
PY51002 & PY51006 - Qualitative Research Methods PY51002 Module
PY51003 - Theories in Developmental Psychology PY51003 Module
PY51016 - Development Of Complex Cognition PY51016 Module
PY52001 - Intermediate Quantitative Methods PY52001 Module
PY52004 - Research Dissertation PY52004 Module
PY52006 - Foundation Quantitative Methods PY52006 Module
PY52007 - Advanced Quantitative Methods PY52007 Module
PY60001 - Research Postgraduate Module PY60001 Module
RD62001- Applied Research Methods as Strategic Tools i RD62001 Module
UN50001 - International Law of Water Resources UN50001 Module
UN50002 - Legal Frameworks for Water Resource Management UN50002 Module
UN50003 - Governance and Regulation of Water Services UN50003 Module
UN50006 - Project (Llm Water Law) UN50006 Module
UN50008 - National Water Law and Regulation (Scm) UN50008 Module
UN50012 - Freshwater, Wetlands and Ecosystem Services; Science and Society UN50012 Module
UN50013 - The Politics and Policy of Water Resource Management UN50013 Module
UP11001 - Sustainable Development And The Environment 1 UP11001 Module
UP11002 - Planning For Sustainable Cities UP11002 Module
UP12001 - Countryside Planning and Management UP12001 Module
UP12002 - Design and the Environment UP12002 Module
UP12003 Countryside Planning and Management UP21003 Module
UP12004 Reading Urban Places UP12004 Module
UP21001 - Management In The Built And Natural Environments UP21001 Module
UP21002 - Planning Theory and Practice UP21002 Module
UP21004 Shaping Cities: Politics, Theory and Practice UP21004 Module
UP22001 - Introduction to Environmental Law UP22001 Module
UP22002 - Design and Development UP22002 Module
UP22004 - People and Places UP22004 Module
UP31001 - Business Law And The Environment UP31001 Module
UP31002 - Territorial Planning and Development UP31002 Module
UP31003 - Planning Law and Practice UP31003 Module
UP31004 - Environmental Assessment UP31004 Module
UP31005 - Urban Design: Placemaking UP31005 Module
UP31006 - Urban Planning: Research Design And Methodologies UP31006 Module
UP32001 - Environmental Assessment And Sustainability Appraisal UP32001 Module
UP32002 - European Spatial Planning UP32002 Module
UP32004 - Planning Law And Plan Making UP32004 Module
UP32005 - Transforming Business For Sustainability UP32005 Module
UP40001 - Dissertation UP40001 Module
UP41001 - Critical Planning Agendas UP41001 Module
UP41002 - Urban Conservation And Rehabilitation UP41002 Module
UP41003 - Contemporary Debates and Professionalism UP41003 Module
UP41005 Independent Research Study UP41005 Module
UP42001 - Advanced Environmental Assessment And Sustainability Appraisal UP42001 Module
UP42002 - Community Governance UP42002 Module
UP42003 - Advanced Urban Policies And Programmes UP42003 Module
UP42004 Urban Conservation: Past, Present, Future UP42004 Module
UP50001 - Dissertation (Dundee) UP50001 Module
UP51002 - Concepts of Spatial Planning UP51002 Module
UP51003 - Spatial Analysis UP51003 Module
UP51005 - Property Development Processes UP51005 Module
UP51006 - Labour Market Analysis And Policies UP51006 Module
UP51007 - Statutory Planning UP51007 Module
UP51009 - Urban Conservation UP51009 Module
UP52001 - Sustainable Urban Design UP52001 Module
UP52002 - Environmental Assessment UP52002 Module
UP52003 - Sustainability In Contemporary Cities UP52003 Module
UP52005 - Applied Research Methods And Management For Local And Regional Economic Development UP52005 Module
UP52010 - Marine Spatial Planning UP52010 Module
UP53001 - Dissertation UP53001 Module

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